Paco Plaza Expands Faux Vampire Film Damned Friday into a Feature

The immediate reaction we horror fans have to any faux teaser trailer we dig is that we want to see it become reality, is it not? Following in the footsteps of Machete Kills and Clown, REC co-director Paco Plaza is making such a desire come true. Read on!

Rest in Peace: Oscar Winner and Former Phantom of the Opera Maximilian Schell

One of the greats has left us, and we'd be remiss to not mention the passing of Oscar winner Maximilian Schell this morning (Feb. 1, 2014) at the age of 83 in Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria. He didn't dabble in the horror genre often, but when he did, it was memorable.

Top 11 Most Vicious Vampires

They are perhaps the most versatile monster we know. The vampire. Sometimes sexy, sometimes proper, sometimes feral, sometimes classic. The vampire comes in so many different forms.

Jonathan Maberry's V-Wars Anthology Making its Comic Debut in May

IDW Publishing re-invented the vampire genre once before with 30 Days of Night, and they're hoping to do it again with an adaptation of Jonathan Maberry's V-Wars. The future of vampires arrives in May!

First True Blood Season 7 Casting News: Brett Lorenzini to Appear in Premiere

The first bit of casting news for "True Blood" Season 7 has arrived, and while details are scarce, we expect to be hearing lots more about the show's final season in the new year so stay tuned!

Pucker Up! Kiss of the Damned Planted on UK DVD in January

Starring Milo Ventimiglia of "Heroes" fame and directed by Xan Cassavetes (daughter of legendary actor/director John Cassavetes), steamy vampire romp Kiss of the Damned is set to take a bite out of the UK DVD market on January 27th, 2014, courtesy of Eureka! Entertainment.

Someone's Getting a New Love Interest in True Blood Season 7

One of "True Blood's" fan favorite characters is getting a new love interest in the show's final season, and we have the details on who it is and whether they're of the human or vamp persuasion.

Stephen Moyer Talks True Blood Season 7

The ten-episode Season 7 will be "True Blood's" last, and series star Stephen Moyer recently chatted with TVLine about what's ahead for fans, if Bill and Sookie are the endgame, how he feels about the show ending, and more.

The UK Exhibits Its Bloodlust

Our friends across the pond are a wacky bunch and we love them to pieces. However, when it comes to vampires they're all business. Need proof? Check out the first stills, poster, and trailer for the new flick Bloodlust! No one is sparkling here.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Steve Newlin's Field Guide to Vampires! In LA? Attend a Signing on November 18!

Back in July we learned about "True Blood" companion book Steve Newlin’s Field Guide to Vampires (And Other Creatures of Satan), and now that it's been released, we have a few copies to give away along with news of a signing!

Universal's Day Men Still Coming

We told you back in August that Universal was planning a big screen adaptation of the Boom! Studios comic Day Men, and now we have a quick update for you on the comic itself and more. Read on for details.

Buffy Alum Juliet Landau Co-Directing Vampire Documentary A Place Among the Dead

Not to be outdone by the zombies and witches who have been stealing their thunder lately, vampires are heading back into the spotlight in a new documentary from former "Buffy/Angel" star Juliet Landau that will feature the likes of author Anne Rice and Dracula himself, Gary Oldman.

AFM 2013: Take a Cryptic Look at This Vampire Comedy

What happens when Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels crashes head on with "True Blood"? According to this new one-sheet you get Cryptic. Check out the first stills, the trailer, and more!

Avant-Garde Japanese Vampires Abound in Sanguivorous

If the mere mention of Japanese avant-garde vampires isn't enough to spur on your curiosity about this flick known as Sanguivorous, then you may just want to quietly move on to something else.

Take a Vampire 101 Class on TedEd

We all have our favorite vampires, but how well do you really know the history of our favorite blood-sucking human predators? Check out this cool, and very informative, animated video from TedEd.com loaded with vampire info.