Sundance 2011: Vampire Bares its Fangs

With the weather getting chillier and the holidays bearing down on us, it can only mean one thing for film buffs ... Sundance 2011 (running January 20-30) is right around the corner!

Vampire (UK DVD)

Reviewed by Gareth Jones Directed by Jon Cunningham Starring Jason Carter, Garett Maggart, Kira Reed Distributed by Stax Entertainment

A Set Visit With the Vampire

Entertainment Tonight Canada (or ET, eh?) has just posted a behind-the-scenes set visit video for the English-language feature debut of Japanese director Iwai Shunji's new horror film Vampire. Ready for a look at what horrors are happening in the Great White North?

First Images: Iwai Shunji's Vampire

The first images from the English-language feature debut of Japanese director Iwai Shunji's new horror film Vampire have surfaced and we've got the info on where you can see them along with more info on the upcoming toothy flick!

Western Actors to Meet Eastern Filmmaking Sensibilities in Vampire

This was tried on the Masters of Horror episode "Imprint", and due to the communication breakdown between director Takashi Miike and the English only speaking actor Billy Drago, the results were hilariously hammy! Hopefully director Iwai Shunji will fare far better!

SDCC 09: True Blood Panel Pre-Recorded

Hungry for more True Blood? We have the panel for you as we streamed it live from San Diego Comic Con. Check it out below. The environment was less than desirable and there seems to be some kind of noise showing up on the audio. What can I say I was surrounded by people who wouldn't shut up. But enjoy for those who missed the live stream earlier!

SDCC 09: HUGE True Blood Update (and a Sneak Peek at the Rest of Season 2)

Hungry for more True Blood? Good. Because you're going to get an update and then some. Not only do we have a sneak peek at the rest of season two, but we've got all kinds of supplemental goodies to keep ya going!