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First Images from The Vampire Diaries Episode 5.01 - I Know What You Did Last Summer

We don't have the official synopsis yet, but the first images have arrived for "The Vampire Diaries" Season 5 premiere, Episode 5.01, "I Know What You Did Last Summer," airing on October 3rd on The CW.

TV Terrors: Casting Updates for The Vampire Diaries, Hannibal, and The Following

Horror on TV has never been healthier - or hotter - than it is now, and a trio of smokin' hot stars have signed on to appear in three of the most popular shows: NBC's "Hannibal," The CW's "The Vampire Diaries," and Fox's "The Following." Read on for the details and a sneak peek of one of them.

Kat Graham Reflects on Her Favorite Episode from The Vampire Diaries Season 4

Who doesn't remember their Senior Prom? For a lot of us, though, it wasn't something we look back fondly on. Will it be Kat Graham's most memorable moment from "The Vampire Diaries" Season 4? Check out this new video to find out!

New Previews for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals

We know The CW is trying to differentiate "The Originals" from its parent, "The Vampire Diaries," but it's the Friday before a long weekend and we're being lazy so here are the new previews for both shows in one convenient place.

Meet the New Professor on The Vampire Diaries Season 5

"The Vampire Diaries" doesn't have the best track record when it comes to student-teacher relations (Professor Shane, we're looking at you), but with several characters heading off to college, of course another hot, but not-so-nice professor is on his way.

Candice Accola Reflects on Her Favorite Moments from The Vampire Diaries Season 4

It was a rough senior year for Caroline Forbes in "The Vampire Diaries" Season 4, but star Candice Accola still has plenty of favorite moments to share in this new video from The CW. Check it out, and get ready for the "TVD" Season 5 premiere in October.

Michael Trevino Talks What's Ahead for Tyler in The Vampire Diaries Season 5

With Klaus now safely tucked away in New Orleans with the rest of "The Originals," will "The Vampire Diaries" Season 5 bring Tyler and Caroline back together? Here's a new interview with Michael Trevino to shed some light on what's ahead.

Zach Roerig Talks What's Ahead for Matt in The Vampire Diaries Season 5

Zach Roerig didn't make it to "The Vampire Diaries" Comic-Con panel this year so we didn't get a lot of scoop on what's ahead for Matt, but this new video interview with him that popped up online should help fill in the blanks.

A Pretty Little Liar Joins the Cast of The Originals

Ready to close out your Monday work day with some casting news for an upcoming new TV show on The CW? If you're a fan of "The Originals," then you'll want to read on for the info.

The CW Moves Up the Premiere Dates of The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural

Fans of The CW's horror lineup will get to see their favorite shows a little earlier than originally announced as the network has shifted some premiere dates of its 2013 fall season schedule, allowing for additional exposure and time to launch.

#SDCC 2013: Everything We Learned About The Vampire Diaries Season 5

During the SDCC roundtables for "The Vampire Diaries," we chatted with most of the stars in attendance, but per usual the bulk of our info came from the show's executive producer, in this case Caroline Dries.

Casting News for The Vampire Diaries Season 5

Some early casting news for Season 5 of "The Vampire Diaries" has come our way in the form of a new potential suitor for Caroline along with a mysterious beauty who may cause trouble for Matt and Rebekkah.

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Horror on the Menu for Day Three (July 20th) Includes Godzilla, Bates Motel, True Blood, Hunger Games, Dead Rising 3, and More!

There's always one day during the SDCC when you just shake your head, laugh, and say, "This schedule is ridiculous." Saturday, July 20th, is shaping up to be that day this year.

The CW Announces Fall Premiere Dates; Another Busy October for Horror TV Fans!

Summer just started, but we're already looking ahead to our favorite month, October - even more so now that The CW has announced its premiere dates. Read on for the details.

The Vampire Diaries Has a Message for All 2013 Graduates

"The Vampire Diaries" is on summer break, but that doesn't mean the powers-that-be have forgotten about the show's fans. Check out a new PSA The CW put together that's geared toward this year's recent graduates.