UPDATED: Tim Burton NOT Confirmed to Direct The Addams Family in Stop-Motion 3D

Oh, happy day! Around these parts we are big fans of Tim Burton's stellar stop-motion flicks The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride. However, we're even BIGGER fans of The Addams Family. Now comes news so ghoulishly good, I think I may have just peed a little while writing!

The Thing Prequel: Are These 'Them Crazy Swedes'?

If The Thing prequel is set to showcase anything at all, it has to be the alien-induced slaughter at the Norwegian camp site. Thus far, though, only Americans have been announced in terms of casting. Is it time that we finally get the names of the aforementioned Crazy Swedes?

Producers Talk Attraction to The Thing Prequel

With shooting scheduled to begin soon on director Matthijs van Heijningen's prequel to The Thing up in British Columbia and Toronto, the film's producers took a moment to talk about what they found on the project to be "irresistible".

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Flip Cam & Record Your Own Close Encounters of The Fourth Kind

The Fourth Kind is coming to Blu-ray and DVD on March 16th; and Dread Central, in conjunction with Universal Studios Home Entertainment, is offering one lucky reader a Flip Cam to document his or her own alien encounters and sightings!

Exclusive Clip from The Fourth Kind: Scott's Hypnosis

With The Fourth Kind set to come home on DVD and Blu-ray on March 16th, 2010, Universal has offered Dread Central an exclusive clip to share with our readers entitled Scott's Hypnosis.

More Details on Universal's New 3D King Kong Ride

Universal promises -- He’s never been this real. “Kong, The Eighth Wonder of the World” is set to rise from the ashes to astound studio tour guests this summer as the King Kong 360 3D Attraction is coming to Universal Studios, and we've got the first details!

Badass New Teaser Promo for Universal's New King Kong Ride

A few months ago we told you about King Kong coming back to Universal Hollywood (the original ride burned down in a fire) as a 4D attraction. Now that the first promotional trailer for the ride has gone live, our curiosity and our interest have hit a fever pitch.

The Thing Star Joel Edgerton Puts Remake or Prequel Argument to Rest

We all know that Matthijs van Heijningen's The Thing is set to begin filming in Vancouver, Canada this month, but there still seems to be an issue about whether this flick is a prequel or a remake for some fearful fans. Joel Edgerton, one of the film's stars, has finally put all that to bed with his latest statements.

The Thing F/X Team Revealed!

If there's one key element that's important to whether or not The Thing prequel will be successful, it is who will be handling the film's special effects.

The Something is Adrift in Space!

With the success of Zombieland everyone seems to be looking for the next box office terror-fest that knows how to tickle your funny bone before yanking it out of your body and clubbing you over your friggin' scalp with it. And who better to write it than one of the writers from "Late Night With David Letterman?"

Nicolas Refn No Longer Helming Keanu Reeves' Jekyll

It's been a while since we've heard anything from Keanu Reeves' camp regarding the actor's upcoming modern take on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale of the scientist Dr. Jekyll and his monstrous alter-ego, Mr. Hyde, but today came word that the project is director-less as Nicolas Refn had to bow out due to "a simple matter of clashing schedules".

Image Gallery: Benicio Del Toro Becoming The Wolfman! Write YOUR review!

The day is here! Universal's The Wolfman (review here) is finally in theatres, and to celebrate, a new image gallery has been posted of star Del Toro becoming the beast!

Two Bloody International Clips From The Wolfman

Finally some savagery! We've all heard by now about how violent Universal's redux of The Wolfman (review here) is, but now it's time to actually see some of that sweet, warm gore!

A Campy Look Back at the Universal Monsters

With The Wolfman looming on the horizon, we are really happy to see a renewed interest in the creatures who started it all. Before Jason, Michael, or Freddy were even a thought ... several other iconic characters have been scaring the hell out of kids and adults for decades!

Del Toro, Benicio (The Wolfman)

Dread Central caught up Saturday with Benicio Del Toro, producer and star of The Wolfman (opening February 12th via Universal Pictures), during a press junket for the flick at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, CA, to chat with him about the film as well as his long-standing enthusiasm for th