Universal Dead

New International Character One-Sheets for Battleship Get Up Close and Personal

Every time we see anything from the upcoming flick Battleship, we literally have to fight back the urge to fire up a video game and start shooting things. Case in point: these latest bits of eye candy.

Battleship's Super Bowl 2012 TV Spot Hits the Web

Per usual, during yesterday's Super Bowl broadcast a number of new trailers and commercial were aired, including a pretty epic TV spot for Peter Berg's upcoming action adventure/alien invasion flick Battleship. Of course we have it in its entirety right here!

New Battleship Poster Rises From the Depths

New artwork from the upcoming us vs. them alien invasion flick based on the Hasbro board game Battleship has surfaced and we have it for you here guns blazing! Dig it!

Watch Three Episodes from Horror Web Series Universal Dead

You never know what you might find when you check your Facebook page. Just the other day I had a message from Kelly Parks, a writer/producer at Unconventional Films, telling me about the web series Universal Dead. Kelly included the magic word "zombie", so of course we checked it out, and here for you to check out also are the first three episodes!