New Short Film Unearthed for Your Viewing Pleasure

We first told you about the short Unearthed from Dalang Films way back in 2010. Finally the whole film has arrived, and if you have around twenty minutes to yourself, we recommend spending it going where no one has gone before. Yeah, we're still not over Star Trek. Sue us.

Trailer and Synopsis for Short Film Unearthed

More and more nowadays some of the best films we've seen are shorts. And "Unearthed" from Dalang Films is looking to be among the good ones.

Betsy Russell Unearths Killer Plant Monsters

Just yesterday I told you about over a dozen forthcoming Syfy monster movies. So what's one more? This one is called Unearthed and pits bride of Saw Betsy Russell against murderous half-plant/half-animal monsters.

After Dark Horrorfest Coverage

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