Synopsis and Teaser Art: Kurt Russell Supernatural Thriller Undying

If The Expendables proved anything, it's that yesterday's action stars still have no problem kicking a copious amount of ass today. That being said, we're pretty excited for Kurt Russell's new flick Undying, and we have the plot details and early teaser art for you to dig on!

Update - Undying Gets a Director, Kurt Russell Still a Badass

It was only a couple of days ago that we told you about the new supernatural thriller on the way starring genre rock star Kurt Russell, Undying. The flick now has a director at the helm, and we've got the skinny for ya!

Kurt Russell Proves that He's Undying

Say what you want about the movie Death Proof. If it did anything at all, it reminded us of just how much of a badass actor Kurt Russell can be and how lucky we are that he stays working within our genre. Speaking of which ...