Bad Stuff Happening Underground

A new trailer has surfaced from the depths of the internet for the latest "maybe we shouldn't go exploring down there" flick to come our way, Underground. The usual terrors ensue. Check it.

Neil Marshall Set to Serve Up His Next Feature - Underground

With Centurion (review here) starting its limited theatrical run today, the timing is perfect for the first word to leak out about what's next for director Neil Marshall. Feeling hungry? How about taking a trip Underground with Marshall into the terrifying underbelly of extreme cuisine?

Get Ready to Step into Hell with New Indie Creature Feature Underground

Since movies have become way easier to make, finding quality indie horror films is getting to be quite the task. Yet, every once in a while it looks as if a gem is truly coming our way. This is one of those times. Are you ready to enter the Underground?

First Underground Pics, Videos!

Tinieblas Gonzalez’ Underground, about a group of taggers who encounter a race of sub-human creatures living under their city streets, must be nearing the final stages of post-production now, as a whole slew of imagery from film showed up online today.

Filmax Goes Underground

Now, kids, this is why you should never take up the life of a graphitti artist. Too much running around, too many chances to get caught, and of course there’s the ever-present danger of half human creatures living in the subways below whatever city you do your work in.

Creep (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Franka Potente, Vas Blackwood, Ken Campbell, Jeremy Sheffield, Paul Rattray, and Sean Harris Directed by Christopher Smith Released by Lions Gate Home Entertainment