Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat (UK DVD)

Reviewed by Gareth Jones Starring John McConnell, Mark McLachlan, J.P. Delahoussaye Directed by H.G. Lewis Distributed by Arrow Video (UK DVD)

UK Due a Long Weekend This February

Unfortunately, no, this isn’t an announcement that all UK readers get an extra day off work next month, but lovers of Mother Nature can at least rejoice as Showbox Home Entertainment will release Jamie (Urban Legend, Storm Warning) Blanks’ eco-horror remake Long Weekend (previously titled Nature’s Grave in the US) to DVD on February 8th.

Go Behind-the-Scenes of Heartless

The second behind-the-scenes look at Philip Ridley's UK Shocker Heartless has just hit online, this one featuring co-star Noel Clarke walking us through the goodies.

London Serial Killer Tony Gets a New Poster

Tony, the UK import about a London serial killer, has a brand new quad poster for you fiends to dig on, and of course we have it here. Tony is the debut feature from Gerard Johnson and is being called one of the most important and disturbing British films of recent years.

Writers Chosen for Syfy's Being Human Re-imagining

Okay, my dread over the thought of Syfy redoing the excellent British TV show "Being Human" has abated a little with the network's announcement of who will be helming the show. Husband-and-wife duo Jeremy Carver ("Supernatural") and Anna Fricke ("Privileged") have been selected to write the series.

UK Survival of the Dead Cover Art

The UK cover art for the next chapter in George A. Romero's epic franchise, Survival of the Dead, has made its online debut and all it does is make us long for Magnet's eventual release here! This cannot come soon enough, damn it!

CONTEST CLOSED! In the UK? Have a Blood Feast on Us!

Our love for readers across the pond is the type that just keeps on giving, and once more courtesy of Arrow Video and The Associates we have another fantastic giveaway. Up for grabs for three lucky readers are copies of the brand new Blood Feast 2 DVD, Herschell Gordon Lewis’ super-gory sequel to his 1963 groundbreaking splatter flick Blood Feast.

CONTEST CLOSED! Street Trash UK DVD Giveaway

Hot on the heels of our review of the brand new UK Street Trash DVD, the esteemed individuals at Arrow Video and The Associates have kindly graced us with three copies to give away to a few lucky readers!

A Clip to Help You Pass Stuart Hazeldine's Exam

The first clip for Stuart Hazeldine's thriller Exam, which will be arriving in UK cinemas on January 8th, has just found its way online and is ready to learn you something!

Tony Shows Off His Trailer

Just yesterday we brought you the first ever stills from the UK import slasher flick Tony, and now today we have a brand new trailer for you fiends to dig on. That's what we call progress!

Images Surface for Serial Killer Flick Tony

Several new stills from the new serial killer import out of the UK, Tony, have found their way online today, and they're about as awkward as a film about a misfit killer would be!

First Two Teaser Clips for Psych: 9

A new year means lots of new horror projects to look forward to, and today we get a first glimpse at what might be in store for us should we elect to check into Psych: 9, an upcoming horror thriller from the UK starring Cary Elwes, Sara Foster, Michael Biehn, and Gabriel Mann.

Tony Sneaks into Slamdance 2010

Another film has been added to the already packing roster for Slamdance 2010, this one a UK import that's been causing quite the buzz. Sit back, dear readers, and get set to meet Tony.

Psych: 9 Teaser Poster and a Few Stills

Few things freak me out more than the thought of being locked up in the loony bin. So of course when an email landed in the Dread Central info mailbox about the upcoming horror thriller Psych: 9, it was forwarded right over to me to put up the story.

Synopsis and Early Artwork for 13Hrs

Considering how generally well regarded Dog Soldiers is, it's no surprise a new flick from the UK, 13Hrs, is marketing itself as being "from the producers of" that film. Even so, based on 13Hrs' synopsis and cast & crew, it looks potentially good enough to stand on its own merits.