Sony Grabs UK Rights for Grabbers

One flick that sounded like a blast at this past AFM 2010 is the horror comedy Grabbers, which is filming right now in Belfast and Donegal, and we've got a little distro info for it to kick off the news week!

Primeval Returning to the Airwaves on January 1, 2011, in BOTH the UK and the US!

We're well aware that the UK's awesomely fun TV series "Primeval" is more sci-fi than horror, but damnit, it's full of dinosaurs and tons of other scary creatures so while we'll not be covering it full-time here on DC, we do want to make our readers aware of its return to the airwaves in BOTH the UK and the US simultaneously on January 1, 2011. From the Press Release:

The UK Gets Buried on Blu-ray and DVD in February

For those of you in the UK who sadly missed the pleasure of catching Rodrigo Cortés’ fantastic Buried on the big screen, you won’t have to wait too long to have your living room become very, very small indeed. Courtesy of Icon Home Entertainment, the flick will be landing on British shelves on February 14th, 2011. Synopsis:

Go Behind-the-Scenes of Hideo Nakata's Chatroom

More goodies coming in from our friends across the pond in promotion of the release of Hideo Nakata's latest film Chatroom. Time for a little behind-the-scenes-action! Chatroom hits UK cinemas on December 22nd. No word on US distro just yet, but we'll keep our ears a'listening.

Grimm Up North Film Festival Announces 2010 Awards

October's Grimm Up North horror and sci-fi festival brought the best in genre cinema to the city of Manchester, England, for a second year running and gave fans unprecedented access to some exclusive movie screenings. As part of the closing night celebrations, the winners of the festival's Golden Scythe awards were unveiled. Read on to see who won what.

The 3D Japanese Terrors of The Shock Labyrinth Hit DVD in the UK

Fans of Takashi Shimizu in the UK will be getting themselves a home video treat in the form of his new flick The Shock Labyrinth coming home with the 3D effect intact. Of course it'll probably look like crap as most releases like that do, but damnit, at least they're trying!

Amer Hits UK Blu-ray / DVD

We are all waiting patiently for a release date for the new giallo-esque flick Amer here in the States, but as always our friends across the pond are getting the goods first.

Season of the Witch Quad One-Sheet Debut

Time for a little artwork coming out of the UK for the next Nicolas Cage genre vehicle, Season of the Witch. It's a lot different from the latest American poster, and it just seems cooler. Maybe it's because it's a quad. We like the word quad. Say it with me now -- quad. Feels good, no?

More Images and the Trailer from Alex Chandon's Inbred

Earlier today we provided you with some first images from Alex Chandon's Inbred, and now we've got a big batch of more photos, both behind-the-scenes and straight from the film, along with the trailer and a link to the official website.

UK Thriller F Hits Blu-ray Across the Pond

Looking for a little Assault on Precinct 13 type action that sees psychopathic students giving their teachers the old what for? If you're in the UK, you won't have to look much further!

First Images of the UK's Inbred

Remember that flick we told you about that had the UK all up in arms, Inbred (story here)? If not, hit up that link; it's pretty hilarious! In any event we now bring you the first look at some images from the film and the official one-sheet! Dig it!

A Serbian Film Becomes the Most Censored Film in the UK in 16 Years

Yep, you read that headline correctly.

Rare Exports - Caged Santa for Sale in the UK!

Knowing how politically correct the US tries to be, this kind of marketing stunt in support of Foy's favorite new film Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale would never fly here. In the UK, however ... things can get wonderfully strange!

Trailer and Artwork for UK Short Film Pixel

As part of our ongoing effort to find you guys all the latest and greatest genre projects from across the globe, today we have the early word on Tristan Versluis' short film "Pixel", a tale of one man's wild antics and over-sexed ego, which inevitably steer him into his own redemption.

*UPDATE* Vintage Print of the Original King Kong Discovered! Spider Pit Sequence Intact?

If this comes to fruition, it could very well be the biggest thing we'll have to be thankful for, for decades to come. Get ready to be guardedly excited, folks! As per the UK's Evening Times: