The UK Will Soon Be A Lonely Place to Die Thanks to Kaleidoscope

Horror fans in the UK should be pleased with this latest distribution news to cross our desk: Kaleidoscope Entertainment has picked up all UK rights to Julian Gibney’s British adventure thriller A Lonely Place To Die from Genesis Film Sales.

Shout! Factory Nails Down Dead Cert

We've covered the hell out of the new vampire flick out of the UK, Dead Cert, here on Dread Central. If only because it shares our initials. Well, not really; we did so because it has vampires of the badass non-sparkling variety. In any event all that coverage is about to pay off because the flick is now on its way Stateside.

UFOs Crash Land in The Fallen

Some say it's already happened, but one day some type of spaceship or unidentified flying object will crash land on Earth on a grand scale and not in the middle of the desert somewhere. Funny how that's always the case. According to Variety Lionsgate U.K. has reteamed with Harry Brown producer Kris Thykier to produce high-concept sci-fi flick The Fallen.

New Grabbers Artwork Has a Lot of Character

A bunch of new artwork has found its way online for the Lovecraftian terror tale Grabbers, and we have your hot ticket as to where you can drink in every pixel. Dig on just one sliver of the artwork below.

Sweatshop (UK DVD)

Directed by Stacy Davidson Starring Ashley Kay, Peyton Wetzel, Brent Himes Distributed by High Fliers Films

Twisted Trailer and Artwork Debut: Inbred

Remember that flick we told you about that had the UK all up in arms, Inbred (story here)? Well after months of waiting we finally have a trailer and some new artwork for you to dig on!

UK Trailer Debut - Final Destination 5

While we all wait for the Stateside eye candy to drop later tonight, our friends across the pond got their first look at Final Destination 5 early this morning and we have their trailer for you right here, right now. Like that Jesus Jones song, but less repetitive.

UK's Arrow Video Lines Up Some Tasty Treats for Your May/June Schedule!

With an already awesome catalogue of output on both DVD and Blu-ray under their belts, the UK’s favourite cult label, Arrow Video, is a genre force to be reckoned with. So if you just can’t keep your mitts off of the quality material they keep firing out, then feast your eyes on some seriously juicy upcoming releases! 23rd May – The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (Blu-ray)

The Resident Moves in on UK DVD and Blu-ray This July

Still relatively fresh from its theatrical run, the revitalised Hammer label’s psycho-thriller The Resident, starring Hilary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and the legendary Christopher Lee, is set to invade homes across the UK on July 4th courtesy of Icon Home Entertainment. From the Press Release:

Attack the Block Image Gallery Now Open!

To say the hype around Attack the Block is becoming massive is a bit of an understatement. To further along the press wheel we've gotten our hands on a boatload of new stills for you. Dig it! Attack the Block opens in the UK on May 11th. Still no word from Sony/Screen Gems on a Stateside release but we'll keep listening for one. When we know, you'll know.

Dinoshark (UK DVD)

Starring Eric Balfour, Iva Hasperger, Aarón Díaz Directed by Kevin O’Neill Distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment

School's Out for the UK

Being a teenager in school sucked. Admittedly I was kind of a bully who made it suck a lot worse for some people, but still. I only made sure that other bullies got what was coming to them. Of course things there aren't as bad as they are for the young lads who attend St. Marks School for Boys.

Take a Bite Out of the Latest Attack the Block One-Sheet

A toothy new one-sheet for the alien invasion flick that's the talk of the town lately, Attack the Block, has landed and is ready to gnaw its way into your collective hearts. Doesn't that just sound so sweet? Attack the Block opens in the UK on May 11th. Still no word from Sony/Screen Gems on a Stateside release but we'll keep listening for one. When we know, you'll know.

CONTEST CLOSED! UK Readers: Enter to Win One of These Creepy Insidious Posters!

As James Wan’s mucho successful Insidious prepares to be unleashed on UK cinema audiences, we’ve managed to nab 20 (count ‘em) posters sporting some nifty old-school style artwork to give away to you lucky readers. Check it out! Synopsis:

Federico Zampaglione Announces Tulpa, His Newest Slice of Italian Terror

While his debut creepshow, Shadow, may have been seriously lacking in the story department, it most definitely had visual chops on par with some of Italy’s finest horror filmmakers. Now director Federico Zampaglione steps up to the plate once more with the newly announced Tulpa!