UK Quad and Trailer Check In for The Frozen Ground

From our friends across the pond come the official quad poster and trailer for the latest serial killer on the loose flick starring Nicolas Cage and his hair entitled The Frozen Ground! Check 'em out!

Latest You're Next Still Gets Bloody

A new still in promotion of the incredibly well reviewed (and deservedly so) new flick You're Next has arrived and we have it for you right here. Be warned! Things get pretty messy!

UK's 2013 Film4 FrightFest Lineup Promises Biggest Genre Global Invasion Ever!

If you've been jealous of our UK brothers and sisters in years past because of the incredible lineup offered by the Film4 FrightFest, well, you ain't seen nothing yet! Check out what they have on the menu for 2013 along with a ridiculous amount of new images from several of the films.

New One-Sheet for You're Next Displays Patience

The incredibly well reviewed (and deservedly so) new flick You're Next is set to hit the UK and the States soon, but right now we have a new and foreboding one-sheet for you to check out!

First Casting News and Teaser Art for Slasher House Prequel Legacy of Thorn

Writer/director MJ Dixon's Slasher House is now available in the UK and heading to the States in early 2014, and already there's a prequel in the works titled Legacy of Thorn. Read on for the early details.

New Stalled One-Sheet Takes a Steamer on World War Z

Sometimes the simplest of ideas can have the greatest impact, and this fact can only be made funnier when it hits the mark at another's expense. Check out this latest one-sheet for the upcoming horror comedy Stalled!

Savages Crossing Finally Gets a North American Release; Also Heading to the UK and Japan

Best known for his chilling performance in Wolf Creek, after that movie was completed, Australian actor John Jarratt wrote, produced, and co-starred in Savages Crossing, and now - finally - the film is getting a North American release from MVD Distribution.

Trailer, Stills, and New Artwork for the UK Blu-ray Release of Possession

A few weeks ago our UK readers got the good news that Andrzej Zulawski's Possession is on its way to Blu-ray from Second Sight, and today we have a trailer, a couple of stills, and some new artwork to share.

Film4 FrightFest Event Poster Revealed

Every year the good folks behind the UK's premier horror film festival, Film4 FrightFest, unveil a completely badass poster to go along with the equally as badass event. This year is no different! Check out the goodies right here!

Blood Curse: The Haunting of Alicia Stone Begins Filming in the UK

Word has come via e-mail that a ghostly new flick is now before cameras courtesy of our friends across the pond. Read on for the first word and details surrounding Blood Curse: The Haunting of Alicia Stone.

The UK Has Another Reason to Be Afraid of the Dark

Here we are, kids! Yet another reason why we're green with envy of our brothers and sisters across the pond. On tap right now is your first word about an upcoming project called Afraid of the Dark and it sounds absolutely delicious!

Apartment 1303 (UK Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Mischa Barton, Rebecca de Mornay, Julianne Michelle, Corey Sevier Directed by Michael Taverna Distributed by Koch Media

Big Bad Wolves and The Dead 2 Bookending the UK's FrightFest 2013

The opening and closing night films for one of the best damned horror movie film festivals in the world, the UK's Film4 FrightFest, have been announced; and we have new stills and details for you right here!

In the UK Alien Loves Predator

Ever hear the expression "Make Love Not War"? Well, apparently said message has made its way into the deepest reaches of our galaxy. Or at the very least the UK. Check out this latest crop of images that will bring a little love to your Friday!

The Seen and The Unseen - Gas Too Expensive? Pay with a Deer Head!

In the olden days, people didn’t use money. You went out, shot animals and took them to the local trading post (about 15 miles away). With one deer head, you could get salt, corn meal and a jug of whiskey for those long, lonely nights in the woods (Dread Central does not endorse this historical research).