Tyler Shields

Official Final Girl Trailer Is Trained from a Young Age

The official trailer for Tyler Shields' new film, Final Girl, has hit the interwebs so we tracked it down and now have it for you right here courtesy of Hannibal Classics. Check it out, and look for more on this one as it comes!

More Eye Candy Rolls in for Tyler Shields' Final Girl

Tyler Shields' new film, Final Girl, is still seeking distribution at this year's EFM, and two new posters have been released via Twitter that will hopefully drum up some interest. Check 'em out right here.

Final Girl - First Look at Star Abigail Breslin; New One-Sheet

Man, Abigail Breslin has sure grown up fast, and thankfully she hasn't abandoned the horror genre either! On tap for you right now is your first look at her in Tyler Shields' new film, Final Girl, as well as a new poster.

Exclusive: Actress Abigail Breslin Talks Final Girl

With the thriller The Call opening wide on March 15th, we sat down with actress Abigail Breslin to discuss that film, and during our chat she riffed too on her upcoming vehicle Final Girl. Read on!

Finally a Trailer for Final Girl

A trailer for the new flick from director Tyler Shields, Final Girl, has hit this crazy thing called the interwebs, and we have it for you right here. Just think, it traveled through a series of tubes to get here. Ah, technology!

AFM 2012: New Sales Art for Final Girl

More eye candy has come our way, and despite the wonderfully pictured posterior, it's just a tad too I Spit on Your Grave for our liking. But, hey! It's sales art, right? And this latest poster for director Tyler Shields' Final Girl is sure to do just that!

Abigail Breslin to Get Messy in Final Girl

When you think about Abigail Breslin, you instantly remember how cute she was in Little Miss Sunshine and how cool she was in Zombieland. That may soon be changing because she's now starring in a flick that's unlikely for her course, and we love it!

Final Girl Sales One-Sheet Makes a Bloody Splash

Here at Dread Central we love our final girls. Simply put, chicks can kick ass with the best of them. Not to mention they look so much hotter covered in blood than guys usually do. Speaking of which...

Another Final Girl Starts Screaming

Not to be confused with the last week's announcement of New Line's Final Girls, another flick is on the way celebrating the lucky lass who's made it through a night of horror, this one just called Final Girl. Dig it!

Lindsay Lohan Vamps It Up In Odd Photoshoot Video

Lindsay Lohan hasn't exactly set the entertainment industry ablaze in recent years, and while this odd video outtake doesn't necessarily do much to foster the notion that she's making a comeback, it is worth taking a look at - if only for the curiosity factor. Some dude from "The Vampire Diaries" is in there, too, which means this has the attention of our own Woman in Black as well.