Tyler Mane

The Full Cast of Holliston and Tyler Mane Coming to Rock and Shock

The big names keep coming! Rock and Shock, the kick-ass Worcester, Mass., horror/music festival, has just announced that the entire cast of FEARnet's show "Holliston," as well as actor Tyler Mane, have been added to the guest list for this year's festival.

Chopper (Web Series)

Starring Tyler Mane, Andrew Bryniarski, Tim Phillipps, John Lewis, Victor Newmark Directed by J.C. Christofilis

Chicago's Flashback Weekend (August 10-12) Finalizes its 10th Anniversary Line-Up

Flashback Weekend is the Windy City's largest and longest running horror film convention, and for its 10th Anniversary the con is pulling out all the stops. It runs from August 10th through 12th, and we have all the info you need right here!

CONTEST CLOSED! Exclusive Early Look at the Chopper Season One Finale and Chance to Win Some Free Swag

We've been talking about the web series Chopper for a while now, and to coincide with the final weekend of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival (one of the show's sponsors), we've been given an early look at the Season One finale (aka Slice 9) to share with our readers.

Chopper Rolling Again! Six New Episodes Forthcoming

After some exciting debut episodes which ran last Halloween, the creators of the online series Chopper began grinding out new chapters of the show this past Friday the 13th and plan on dropping six more segments between now and the end of the month.

Exclusive Images from Chopper; More Mayhem Coming Soon with New Contest and Final Episodes of Season 1

LA-based Dilemma entertainment and marketing agency is breathing new life into Season 1 of the online horror series Chopper this month with more episodes, more characters, more VFX and more music. And we have some exclusive stills of the upcoming mayhem to share!

Stare Down a New One-Sheet for Compound Fracture

Some new eye candy for Compound Fracture starring Tyler Mane (Michael, Halloween), Derek Mears (Jason, Friday the 13th), and Muse Watson (The Fisherman, I Know What You Did Last Summer) has hit our desks! Dig it!

Delamorte's Dungeon of Deadly Delights: Tyler Mane and More

In case you haven't noticed, you will now be able to listen to EVERY Dungeon show right here on Dread Central! The Dungeon itself has gone through some quick changes - we have changed the show, co-hosts and all! So without further ado, let me introduce the new terror team!

Horror Heavyweights Gather for a Compound Fracture

Okay, so let's say for argument's sake that you take Tyler Mane (Michael, Halloween), Derek Mears (Jason, Friday the 13th), and Muse Watson (The Fisherman, I Know What You Did Last Summer); and you gather them together in one film. It's pretty safe to assume that mayhem will ensue and there will be many a Compound Fracture to come!

Days of the Dead Horror Convention Coming to Atlanta March 9th -11th

Heads up, Atlanta. We've got some news to help soften the pain of your recent sports woes. Baseball and football may not be your thing, but you're all over it when it comes to horror. Mark your calendars for March 9th-11th for the Days of the Dead Horror Convention. Giddyap!

AFM 2011: 247°F Lets You Get Sweaty With Scout Taylor-Compton! First Stills, Art, and Trailer!

For most horror fans the prospect of heating things up with the lovely Scout Taylor-Compton is nothing short of irresistible. I mean, who could blame you? That's exactly what happens when Pouty Scouty and her pals check into the sauna from hell in 247°F.

Chopper Rolls to Viral Status Upon Launch

Ladies and gentlemen, Chopper has arrived. And the tense initial offering has set the stage for the horror that is sure to come. Featuring a showdown between horror big boys Tyler Mane and Andrew Bryniarski, the first episode of Chopper, entitled Slice 1, certainly does a nice job setting the stage in the biker-themed horror series.

Halloween Stars Reunite in a Sauna Set to 247°F

Surely we’ve all seen a movie or TV show where someone attempted to commit murder by locking someone in a sauna and setting the heat to full blast. But a whole survival horror movie built around three people trapped in a sauna as the temperature rises to a dangerous 247°F? That’s a new one.

Make a Date With Chopper

Coming speeding at us like a bat out of hell is Tyler Mane's new web series, Chopper, and we've finally nailed down the details concerning when you'll be able to take the ride! Dig it!

Chopper Rolls Out Five-Issue Comic Series October 5th

Washington Irving never envisioned a headless horseman like this! Chopper, for those of you not in the know, is the story of a supernatural headless biker named The Reaper, containing beheadings, a drug-pushing cheerleader and badass motorcycles. Fire it up, baby! Chopper comes to a comic shop near you for its introductory five-issue series on October 5.