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See Who's Returning to Supernatural in this Producer's Preview of Episode 8.09 - Citizen Fang

Finally this week The CW provided us with a "producer's preview" of the upcoming episode of "Supernatural." Listen in as Executive Producer Jeremy Carver reveals the two characters who return in "Citizen Fang."

Supernatural: The Alternate Version of Sam's Flashback You Won't See This Season!

A lot of "Supernatural" fans are tired of all the flashbacks to Sam's domestic woes. While the last ep seemed to close the door to there being many more of them, we did get our hands on an alternate version of one flashback we're pretty sure won't be showing up on The CW anytime soon!

Two Previews and a Sneak Peek of Supernatural Episode 8.09 - Citizen Fang

We get where the power-that-be are going with all the flashbacks they're incorporating in this season of "Supernatural," but it's starting to get tedious. Here's hoping next week's mid-season finale, "Citizen Fang," stays a bit more current.

Supernatural: Preview of Episode 8.08 - Hunteri Heroici and Synopsis of Episode 8.09 - Citizen Fang

With the return of Castiel, last night's episode of "Supernatural" was the most satisfying yet this season. Here's hoping the trend continues in Episodes 8.08, "Hunteri Heroici," and 8.09, "Citizen Fang," airing 11/28 and 12/5, respectively.

Things Get Personal in this Clip from Supernatural Episode 8.05 - Blood Brother

Earlier today we posted an image gallery for "Supernatural" Episode 8.05, "Blood Brother," which airs Halloween night; and after watching this clip The CW has released, we have to wonder just which "brother" they're talking about. Check it out along with the ep's preview.

Preview of and Image Gallery for Supernatural Episode 8.05 - Blood Brother

After last night's stellar found footage style episode of "Supernatural," it's now time to meet the newest member of the Winchesters' extended family: Benny, the vamp who escaped Purgatory with Dean. Check out a preview of and image gallery for Episode 8.5, "Blood Brother."

Synopsis for Supernatural Episode 8.05 - Blood Brother

Tonight the second episode of Season 8 of "Supernatural" airs, but The CW is already looking ahead to Halloween night and has released the synopsis of Episode 8.05, "Blood Brother," airing October 31st. Check it out!

Supernatural Casting News Starts Haunting the Interwebs

Some quick casting news coming in for the next season of the hit spookshow "Supernatural." Ready to find out who the next poor bastard on Sam and Dean's shitlist will be? Or maybe it's someone on their side? Nah, that never happens.

Charisma Carpenter Delves into Survival Horror with Crash Site

You know what we have outside our windows here at the Dread Central offices? Civilization. That's what. We've seen way too many movies where things have gone horribly awry because vacationers thought it would be cool to camp out in the middle of nowhere, and there's another one coming our way!