Twilight Zone

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Bif Bang Pow Twilight Zone Exclusives

Nothing, and I repeat nothing, sends a chill down our spines quite like writing San Diego Comic-Con stories in May. The event looms over us like the original Godzilla did over a tropical Japanese mountain. Anyway, this one is for you "Twilight Zone" fans out there!

Toy Fair 2012: The Complete Wrap-Up

With Toy Fair 2012 officially over, we FINALLY managed to get all of our images uploaded. While we brought you the main stuff separately, we've set up a special section of our Facebook page to bring you the odds and ends!

Dread Central Salutes The 2011 Saturn Award Winners!

If you follow the horror genre at all, then you know that winning a Saturn Award is akin to taking home Oscar gold (since horror is generally overlooked by the Academy Awards, this year notwithstanding), and the prestige of taking home that golden symbol of all that is great about our beloved genre is an achievement that is definitely worth celebrating.

2011 Saturn Award Winners Announced

The 37th Annual Saturn Awards show is history, and we've got all the details on the winners and more! Read on for the gory details, and big time congratulations to everyone who took home that precious, precious gold!

This May Enter The High Definition Realm of Imagination withThe Twilight Zone Season 4

Though we're just a couple of weeks away from the release of Image Entertainment's sure to be stellar box set of "The Twilight Zone" Season Three, there's already a date for the next entry in this must-have collection! That's right Zoners ... look for Season 4 on May 17th, 2011! Check out a taste of what to expect below, and look for more, including artwork, very soon!

More Details on the Twilight Zone Comic-Con Exclusives and New Dexter Figures!

The world of plastic gets a swift kick in the ass three times a year. One is at Toy Fair, one is during the holiday season, and the big daddy of them all is at San Diego Comic-Con! Bif Bang Pow has already shown us a small army of bobble-headed freaks marching to the show as we speak, but today they dropped us a line to show off the packaging art for their new "Twilight Zone" Retro Action Figures as well as the newest 7-inch "Dexter" Action Figures!

Entertainment Earth Drops Classic Creeps on the San Diego Comic-Con

We are T minus 10 seconds away from the San Diego Comic-Con exclusives announcement explosion, but some companies have already fired the first shot and staked a claim on your hard earned cash. Entertainment Earth is one such sneaky monkey, posting a big box of exclusives via pre-orders on their website. Here's the rundown...

Bif Bang Pow Takes us to The Twilight Zone

Bif Bang Pow, creators of some excellent Flash Gordon, Big Lebowski and the upcoming Dexter figures announced they had a Twilight Zone license not too long ago. Now we get a sneak preview of the first piece!