True Love

Screamfest L.A. 2012: Exclusive - Producer/Writers Talk True Love; Photos

With the 12th annual Screamfest L.A. Film Festival running this Friday, October 12th, thru the 20th, we chatted with True Love Italian producers and screenwriters Fabio Guaglione and Fabio Resinaro, regarding their psychological abduction flick.

Exclusive Trailer Debut: Enrico Clerico Nasino's True Love

An official trailer has arrived for Enrico Clerico Nasino's new film True Love, and Dread Central is pleased to be the exclusive home of its debut!

Die for Your True Love in New Teaser

Italians. They love romance. They love fine food. They love red wine. They love hideous accounts of murder and death committed either for shits and giggles, madness, and/or passion. How can you not love them right back?

Claustrophobic New Stills from Italian Shocker Y/N You Lie You Die

Mama mia! You wanta new stills? You gotta new stills! However ... if you have a phobic aversion to confined and tight spaces, you may want to pass up the opportunity to dig on this latest imagery!

Italian Horror Fans to Choose Y/N You Lie You Die

For the last several years now horror movies have been filled with characters who have been forced to make decisions that will result in life (such as it is) or death consequences. The latest is on its way from Italy, and there's just one rule in this game - You lie, you die.