True Crime

AFM Exclusive: 13th Warrior Scribe Talks Grave Goods

While at the AFM to promote their new film Brother's War, screenwriter Warren Lewis (The 13th Warrior, Black Rain) and actor/producer Tino Struckmann (pictured, Redbelt) sat down with Dread Central to talk about a new horror film they're shooting this spring called Grave Goods which is based on a recent true crime case.

Son of Sam (DVD)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Yogi Joshi, Elissa Bree, Cassandra Church, Betrand Pare, Dawna Chaet, Kent Cady Directed by Ulli Lommel Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Raising Jeffrey Dahmer (DVD)

Reviewed by Kryten Syxx Starring Rusty Sneary, Scott Cordes, Cathy Barnett and Bo Svenson Directed by Rich Ambler Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

DePalma Signs for Boston Stranglers Film

Likely hoping to hit the same level of critical success he had with The Black Dahlia, THR reports that Brian DePalma has signed on to direct The Boston Stranglers (note the plurality), and adaptation of Susan Kelly’s Boston Stranglers: The Public Conviction of Albert DeSalvo and the True Story o

See No Evil: The Story of the Moors Murders (DVD)

Reviewed by Kryten Syxx Starring Maxine Peak, Sean Harris, Michael McNulty, Joanne Froggatt and George Costigan Directed by Christopher Menaul Distributed by MPI Home Video

Alphabet Killer Caught?

How often have you heard about a film based on a real series of killing actually helping to solve the crime? This is a first time for me...

The Alphabet Killer's Big Trailer

Eliza Dushku and Cary Elwes have returned to the horror genre in a rather interesting true crime story, The Alphabet Killer (previous news here). The film is based on the murder/rape of three young girls Rochester, NJ during the 1970s.

Malloy, Tom & Terlecki, Russell (The Alphabet Killer) Audio

We’ve been following Rob Schmidt’s return to the director’s chair after Wrong Turn, a cool sounding movie called The Alphabet Killer, since it was first announced. The film wrapped production on Janua

Dushku After a Killer

Rob Schmidt knows a good thing when it’s staring him in the face. He got to spend some time in the woods with Eliza Dushku a few years back making Wrong Turn, and now that he’s on to his next feature, he’s making sure he keeps her around. Smart guy.

Schmidt on Masters, Killers

Ever on the path for new Masters of Horror info, Fango got to chat up Wrong Turn helmer Rob Schmidt about his entry for Season Two, "Right to Die," which he describes as a modern ghost story about the right to die issue.