Mother Had Her Day and Now Dad is Getting Some Love in Troma's Father's Day

There's no doubt that Ike and Addley made their mama very proud in the Eighties in Charles Kaufman’s classic slice of sick Mother's Day, and now the fine folks over at Troma are looking to bring mayhem to another parental figure.

Writer Named for The Toxic Avenger 5: The Toxic Twins

It's been a long, hard road for everyone's favorite misshapen superhero from New Jersey to get his fifth film released, but as of today we are one step closer to getting our mitts on The Toxic Avenger 5: The Toxic Twins!

Watch Troma's Poultrygeist Online Now for Free!

Even though Troma Entertainment's Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead had a relatively small theatrical run at around three hundred theatres nationwide, it still managed to garner itself a #1 per-theater average. To say thank you to fans, the full movie has hit online, and you can now watch it for free! Take that, all you cheapskates out there!

Confirmed! Toxic Avenger Remake On Its Way!

Yep! It's happening! The Titan of Tromaville will soon be gearing himself up for a big budget remake that's likely to change the face of tutu wearing mop wielding deformed mutant super heroes forever!

Troma's Lloyd Kaufman Talks Potential Remakes

With everyone remaking everything nowadays, is it really a shock that filmmakers would be looking to the wellspring of flicks put out by Lloyd Kaufman's ever so indie and slightly unhinged company? Nope. Not at all.

Troma Releasing Better Late Than Never Bigfoot

Bob Gray's Bigfoot was actually one of the very first of the new wave of Sasquatchploitation flicks back when I got an advance look at the film in late 2005. Thanks to a snafu with another distribution company, Bigfoot is only now getting its long overdue DVD release nearly five years later and after a myriad of other killer Sasquatch flicks have come and gone.

The Toxic Avenger 5: Behold the Toxic Twins

We love mutant kids. Sure they're ugly and you wanna hide them in a chained up box, but they grow up to be badass movie monsters who kill with reckless abandon! Really? What's not to like? A promotional image from Troma's The Toxic Avenger Part 5 slipped online recently featuring two such kids who we are sure you will find ADORABLE!

Troma Unleashes Combat Shock

In their never-ending quest to put out the finest in obscure entertainment, Troma announced today that they're releasing Buddy Giovinazzo's Combat Shock as a two-disc never-before-seen director's cut on July 28th, 2009.

Troma Readies Last Horror Film DVD

Without question Maniac was one of the single greatest slasher films of the Eighties. It had everything we loved about the subgenre and it had it in spades. Another thing going for it was the stellar performance of the late Joe Spinell. Now Troma is set to unleash another Spinell slasher classic, The Last Horror Film on to DVD.

Blood, Boobs & Beast, and DVD News

You may have heard about the wonderful documentary Blood, Boobs & Beast on various horror and indie film websites over the past year or so about the career of independent horror filmmaker Don Dohler. The doc is finally on its way to DVD courtesy of Troma, and it'll come complete with what is arguably Dohler's most famous film, Night Beast.