Help Make The 7th Guest 3: The Collector Happen

If Kickstarter exists for one reason, it's video games. The crowd-sourcing website has given indie developers the chance to resurrect all the classic game franchises we grew up loving - and now the good folks at Trilobyte Games are attempting a sequel to the greatest haunted house game of all time...

The 7th Guest: Infection Launches for iPad

Move over, Angry Birds. There's a new addiction on mobile devices and you're gonna lose a lot of sleep over it. Ask any veteran gamer what the most notorious puzzle in video game history is and they'll give you one answer: The microscope puzzle in the haunted house classic, The 7th Guest.

CD-ROM Classic The 7th Guest Haunts the iPad and iPhone

Screw Myst! One of the all-time great horror games - the haunted-house classic The 7th Guest - has just been resurrected in a new port for the iPhone and iPad, and it’s every bit as creepy as it was back in the day. Ain’t nostalgia great?