Trevor Ryan

Short Film Welcome to Willits: After Sundown Gives Us a Glimpse at Upcoming Creature Feature

Over the summer we showed you a minute-long concept trailer for Welcome to Willits, an indie creature feature from Metamorphic Films and Real Horror Show Pictures that is set to star Scott Pilgrim vs. The World's Mark Webber.

Welcome to the Concept Trailer and Artwork for Welcome to Willits

On tap right now is the concept trailer for Welcome to Willits along with the sales art! Proof positive that nothing ever stays hidden on the internet for long. Check 'em out and look for more on this one soon!

Mark Webber Farms Mary Jane and Monsters in Welcome to Willits

What is it about pot farming that's become so damned dangerous? It all started with Jason Voorhees protecting his greens in the Friday the 13th remake, and then there's the whole damned crazy town in "Bates Motel." And now? Now Welcome to Willits!