Nicolas Cage. Trespass. Nude Invaders. Fudgesicles. Read On!

Certain news stories have us smiling from ear-to-ear. Even a tad speechless. The sheer absurdity of the life of a celebrity can sometimes be ... well ... strange. Especially if you're Nicolas Cage and you have a new home invasion flick coming out.

New Trespass Clip Shines a Spotlight on a Troubled Marriage

There's no telling just how bat-shit crazed Nicolas Cage is liable to get once his home is invaded in his latest flick, Trespass, but in light of this latest clip we're hoping that they're saving all the good stuff for later.

Trespass Trailer Treads Familiar Ground

Here's the thing ... Yes, we've seen this tale told a thousand times already, but Trespass is home to a soon-to-be-vengeful Nicolas Cage (and his hair), and for that reason alone we are so friggin' in!

TIFF 2011: Image Blow-Out: The Awakening, Extraterrestre, Intruders, Juan of the Dead, Monster's Club, Moth Diaries, Trespass

More films have been added to the already staggering lineup of the 36th annual Toronto International Film Festival, running September 8th-18th, and you know what that means ... Yep! More eye candy! Dig it!

First Artwork for Nicolas Cage's Trespass

Yet another film has skyrocketed to the top of our "Must See" list! A home invasion flick called Trespass with Nicolas Cage! You do not invade this man's home! Oh the mayhem to come!

Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman Violated in Trespass

Oh, Nicolas Cage. How much do we love thee? Seriously, he's become one of our favorite actors here around the Dread Central offices so when news breaks of him in a new genre film, it immediately gets our attention!