Traverse Media Provides a Home for Treachery

Presented at the Cannes Film Festival back in May, Travis Romero's Treachery has been picked up for distribution and is headed home. Traverse Media acquired the film and will be releasing it here in the States in early 2014. Refresh your memory with full details and the trailer!

Cannes 2013: Blanc/Biehn Productions Hitting the French Riviera with a Handful of Films

The granddaddy of all film fests and markets, Cannes 2013, kicks off on the 15th, running to the 26th. Rising indie film maven Jennifer Blanc-Biehn is attending the event, and we'll be tracking her progress with the projects she's taking to the show as an actress, producer, and first-time director.

Exclusive Second Trailer, Stills, and Poster for Treachery

More exclusive goodies from the latest terror tale from writer/director Travis Romero, Treachery, are right here awaiting your perusal. Get set for a new trailer, a handful of new stills, and yes, even a new poster.

More Producers Join Michael Biehn for Treachery; New One-Sheet

Rob Freeman and Cody Hackman are the producers of the upcoming MMA-themed film Tapped, and apparently they were so impressed after working with genre legend Michael Biehn (who wouldn't be?) that they have joined his newest project, Treachery.

More Never-Before-Seen Images from Treachery!

On tap for you kids right now is a ton of new images from the latest terror tale from writer/director Travis Romero, Treachery. Check it out right here. You've got nothing to lose except your life. Dig it!

A Teaser Trailer Rife with Treachery

On tap for you guys right now is the first teaser trailer for the latest terror tale from writer/director Travis Romero, Treachery. Check it out right here. You've got nothing to lose except your life. Dig it!

Fantasia 2012: Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn Talk The Victim and More!

Widely known for his iconic bad-ass roles in The Terminator, Aliens, Planet Terror and last year’s sleeper hit The Divide, Michael Biehn is a legend to movie buffs worldwide.

Image Gallery Now Open for Treachery

We have a bunch of new stills on tap for the latest terror tale from writer/director Travis Romero, Treachery, so sit back, plan out some evil, and get to clicking. Then plan more evil. When you're done with that, plan even more. See how grand life can be?

Exclusive First Still and Artwork for Treachery

A little eye candy for you real quick! We've scored the first still and artwork for the latest terror tale from writer director Travis Romero, Treachery, and because we love you cats so very much, we've decided to share. Dig it!

Dark Angel Alums Reunite in Blanc/Biehn's Treachery

Fans of the memorable television show "Dark Angel" will be happy to hear that two of the show's stars, Richard Gunn and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, will be reunited in the upcoming film Treachery.

First Word on Michael Biehn's Treachery

One of everyone's favorite cinema badasses, Michael Biehn, has a treacherous new thriller coming your way, and we have every single detail you need to know right here. Dig it!

Watch the Dante's Inferno Descent Trailer

EA Games and Visceral Games' Dante's Inferno is finally hitting the streets on Tuesday, February 9th, and we've got a look at a new video showing Dante's descent into the deepest corners of the underworld. Satan will have hell to pay indeed!

EXCL: Dante's Inferno Artist Blog - 60 fps: The Number of the Beast

Rich Larm, the Lead Environment Artist on the Dante's Inferno video game, has provided Dread Central readers with an exclusive in-depth look at the process his team utilized to build out just one of the game's numerous environments, in this case an area of Limbo.

First Entry in Six-Issue Dante's Inferno Comic Miniseries Available Now

DC Comics/WildStorm Productions and Electronic Arts will take comic book fans and gamers alike on a journey through the gates of hell with the release of the first issue in the six-issue comic miniseries Dante’s Inferno, available now at comic book stores and retailers.

Dante's Inferno Demo Coming in December

Visceral Games has announced that a demo for Dante’s Inferno, entitled the "Gates of Hell", will be coming this December and will include the entire opening level to give gamers a taste of the studio's adaptation of Dante Alighieri’s epic poem The Divine Comedy.