Travis Van Winkle

AFM 2011: International Sales Art and Details for Bloodwork

More sales art coming out for AFM from Lightning Media. Next on tap is the new thriller from Eric Wostenberg entitled Bloodwork. Read on for the plot crunch and eye candy.

Halloween Stars Reunite in a Sauna Set to 247°F

Surely we’ve all seen a movie or TV show where someone attempted to commit murder by locking someone in a sauna and setting the heat to full blast. But a whole survival horror movie built around three people trapped in a sauna as the temperature rises to a dangerous 247°F? That’s a new one.

Get Cured at the Asylum this Summer!

David R. Ellis wants to commit us to the Asylum on July 15th! However, we won't be seeing the Snakes on a Plane (review) director's newest feature in theatres; instead it'll only be on DVD.