Travis Legge

Anthology Film Urban Legends to Begin Filming in July

The folks at BDHR Entertainment are proud to announce that they're about to begin production on their new three-part anthology film entitled Urban Legends. Read on for the details!

Words Like Knives Short Film Explores Everyday Horrors

Plenty of films deal with serial killers, alien invasions and marauding monsters - all fun stuff and great fodder for horror. The upcoming short Words Like Knives takes a more psychological approach, working in topics like bullying and mental cruelty. These are things that many individuals deal with on a daily basis, and they make great subjects for a horror film.

Everybody Fears Raymond in New Slasher Flick - Raymond Did It

Echoes of the original Prom Night abound plot-wise in the new indie slasher flick Raymond Did It, and we've got the trailer locked and loaded for ya.