Trae Ireland

Artwork and Trailer for The Asylum's 13/13/13

This past summer the Foywonder shared the news that The Asylum was bringing us 13/13/13, and since it's now available on Blu-ray/DVD, we thought we'd show you the flick's artwork and trailer.

Exclusive Set Report and Photo Gallery from H.M. Coakley's Hollaback

Stepping onto the set of writer/director H.M. Coakley’s horror whodunit Hollaback last year on December 18th, the first few things that became readily apparent were the blood trail which serpentined across the wood flooring of the 130-year-old Los Angeles Antebellum mansion (doubling for the deep South) and the flick’s ‘token white chick,’ who came in the form of actress Allison Kyler. The third was the abundance of enthusiasm for the production which was mirrored by cast and crew alike.