Tracy Coogan

Sarah Butler, Ashlynn Yennie & More Bowl for Boobies with The Horror Starlets!

This writer is asking the horror community as we approach October – our month of months – to unite for a good cause: to support local Los Angeles women battling breast cancer by giving a small donation and also support the horror actresses who are supporting them.

First DVD Details and Cover Art: Dark Woods

See? Two stories in a row about spooky shit that happens in the woods! And this one comes with some DVD details that express why you should spend your time loving concrete instead of hiking hills.

Bowling for Boobies: Dread Central’s Horror Starlets Wish to Thank You!

This scribe and my bowling team - Dread Central’s ‘The Horror Starlets’ comprised of Carlee (Wicked Lake, the upcoming Alluvial) Baker, Heather (The Poughkeepsie Tapes, Alluvial) Snell, Brooke (iMurders) Lewis, and Tracy (Dark Woods) Coogan - took part in Tuesday night’s fifth annual non-profit Bowling for Boobies Los Angeles breast cancer event, and we wish to thank those in the horror community who so generously donated to this wonderful cause (see the list below).

Bowl for Boobies with Tracy Coogan - Win Tickets to Dark Woods & Lunch at Spago!

Tracy Coogan (Zombie Honeymoon, Dark Woods) has been invited by this scribe to join the 'Horror Starlets' who are "Bowling for Boobies" to raise money for women fighting Breast Cancer. To support the Busted Foundation, Ms. Coogan, along with Nom De Plum Films, Dread Central, and TCB Public Relations, will give away two exclusive tickets for this Thursday's Dark Woods screening in Los Angeles.

More Horror Starlets Join Bowling for Boobies

This scribe is asking the horror community during this month – our month of months – to unite for a good cause: supporting local Los Angeles women battling breast cancer by giving a small donation.

Exclusive Clip - Dark Woods

What better way to start off a holiday weekend than with an exclusive clip for you guys? The sliver of shiver comes from a little flick called Dark Woods. Get those eyes peeled!

New Poster and Stills: Dark Woods

We've gotten our hands on a new one-sheet and several new stills from Michael Escobedo's Dark Woods, and rather than be greedy (which is always our first instinct), we figured we'd share them with you! We're good like that!

First Dark Woods One-Sheet

And out of the Dark Woods a one-sheet has arrived to send shivers down ... Ok, enough with the theatrics. A new poster arrived today for Michael Escobedo's latest film!

Dark Woods Trailer Now Live

Straight out of the Dark Woods a trailer has come forth to try and send a shiver down the old spine. Will it succeed?

Landis to Produce Zombie Honeymoon 2!

The Italian horror site Splatter Container recently sat down with Zombie Honeymoon helmer David Gerboe to discuss the long-rumored sequel and ended up learning that none other than John Landis will be executive producing it!

Stills From Dark Woods

You know tons of bad things can happen in the woods. Especially dark woods. They're the worst. One time I heard about this chick who was on her way to her grandmother's and ... Huh? Oh. Anyway, a few stills from the new flick Dark Woods surfaced today, and we have a look-see for ya!

Gebroe Muses Zombie Honeymoon 2

Even though the trend of making zombie films is getting more tired than pretty much any other sub-genre in the history of horror, it still doesn’t dampen my desire to see some of the ones that sound like they may either do something different or, at the very least, be a good time. Zombie Honeymoon (review) was a decent example of the latter, so news on a possible sequel piqued my interest.

First Look Behind Dark Woods

A while back we told you guys about a new horror movie being made which starred the very easy-on-the-eyes Tracy Coogan (Zombie Honeymoon) called Dark Woods. After the initial announcement all was quiet until today, when we were handed a stack of stills from the film which just wrapped its 14-day shoot!

Coogan Enters the Dark Woods

We received a heads up today that Zombie Honeymoon (review) star and all around cutie Tracy Coogan is preparing to take on another starring role in Mike Escobedo’s Dark Woods.

Zombie Honeymoon (2004)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Tracy Coogan, Graham Sibley, Tonya Cornelisse, David M. Wallace Directed by David Gebroe