Toy Fair 2012

Toy Fair 2012: A Preview of NECA's Evil Dead 2 Action Figures

IT'S NECA TIME! Yes, kiddies, those fine folks who brought you Lost Boys, Robocop, 60 Freddies, 70 Jasons and 200 Gremlins are now tackling a film near and dear to our hearts and inexplicably overlooked by the toy gods: EVIL DEAD 2!

Toy Fair 2012: More Figures from NECA Including a New Jason and Many Others

NECA has been fulfilling dreams for some time now, and if you think that sentiment is silly, you are NOT a hardcore horror fan! What other company would do the leads from Lost Boys, Robocop, the first Terminator AND an entire line of Gremlins in both cute 'n fuzzy and mean 'n scary forms?!

Toy Fair 2012: Lego Gets Monstrous

I'm always amazed at how casually monsters and horror have worked their way into media seemingly made for "kids". The Pirates of the Caribbean films (from Walt Disney) have had zombies, fish monsters AND unkillable skeleton pirates. Hell, those lovable Ewoks from Star Wars set out to EAT our heroes when they first met. Never forget what the "Luka Luka Luuuuka" song really means.

Toy Fair 2012: The Munsters Continue to Become Collectible

The first wave of "Munsters" figures was a collector's dream with each one capturing the essence of the character perfectly. In addition to these fantastic representations of Grampa, Herman and Lily, you also got a killer collection of accessories AND a Build-A-Electric Chair!! Now Diamond Select looks to finish off its "Munsters" family portrait with a two-pack of Marilyn and little Eddie!

Meet NECA's Left 4 Dead Deluxe Boomer

IT'S TOY FAIR TIME! Well, not really, but we are starting now anyway because we're rebels. When we last heard about NECA taking on Left 4 Dead action figures, it was during San Diego Comic-Con, and we'd seen nothing more than some art on a teaser card. Now NECA gives us an excellent look at their first figure...the Deluxe Boomer!