Top 10 Unseen Killer Movies

Black Christmas

Many of cinema’s most memorable monsters are the ones that always remain just out of sight. After all, unless you’re Rob Bottin or Guillermo del Toro, no filmmaker’s creature design can match the intangible horrors lurking within our own imaginations.… Continue Reading

10 Tales of Terrible Transformation You Might Have Missed

3) Afflicted (2013): Afflicted shall forever be my go-to film to prove that found footage can be done right. After being diagnosed with AVM, Derek Lee has decided not to live his life afraid of his inevitable end. Instead he embarks… Continue Reading

10 Songs That Were Influenced by H.P. Lovecraft

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing – “Margate Fhtagn” Combine one part steampunk, one part grindcore, and one part jaunty punk and you’ve got yourself The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing. Hailing from London,… Continue Reading

10 Horror Stars Who Should Have Won Best Actress at the Oscars

Katharine Isabelle – Ginger Snaps This may be the quirky pick of the list, but I stand by it with both feet planted firmly on the ground. While the movie, which I absolutely adore, isn’t on the level of something… Continue Reading

10 Horror Stars Who Should Have Won Best Actor at the Oscars

Duane Jones – Night of the Living Dead I remember taking a course at the University of Michigan called “The History of Horror After Psycho,” where we would watch and critique genre movies on a weekly basis. When it came… Continue Reading

10 Oscar-Winning Actors Who Starred in a Horror Movie

Kevin Spacey – Seven Perhaps one of the most well-respected actors on this list, Kevin Spacey’s performance as John Doe is nothing short of chilling. The way he manages to get into the head of Brad Pitt’s Detective Mills so… Continue Reading

The Best Dystopian Novels that Could Predict our Future World

No matter which side of the political fence you fall on, you can’t deny that current events are unlike any we’ve seen before. Today’s polarized climate, both in the U.S. and worldwide, has many people asking, “What will this lead… Continue Reading

The Horror of David Lynch: 5 Great Films and Moments

Visionary director David Lynch is renowned for his surreal films

Upon asking the question of whether David Lynch is one of horror’s greatest filmmakers, some of you may say, “Of course he is; isn’t that an accepted fact?” Well, that’s not completely true. Lynch is undoubtedly responsible for some of… Continue Reading

Super Bowl Scares: 5 Great Horror Movies Featuring Ex-NFL Players

Horror and football aren’t exactly common bedfellows (horror sports movies is an untapped genre we need to see milked for all it’s worth), but that doesn’t mean to say they’re worlds apart either.  Throughout the years, players of the great… Continue Reading

The Final Chapter: Horror Series Finales Through the Years

Freddy's Dead Final Nightmare

Let’s face it, as horror fans we’re more than accustomed to sequels. Damn near every horror flick that makes so much as a penny of profit inevitably earns itself a continuation, be it a prequel, spin-off, remake, or reboot, somewhere… Continue Reading

14 Films that Prove Revenge is a Dish Best Served Awesome

My Father Die

5) The Crow (1994): From alphabetical evisceration to “30 hours of pain,” how the fuck could you not love The Crow? Part music video, part teenage goth fantasy, 100% awesome. From start to finish, this movie just keeps finding more… Continue Reading