15 Nauseating Horror Sequels

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15 Nauseating Horror SequelsThe flavor of bile is unmistakable. There just isn’t anything that tastes quite like it. And you know it when it comes on: The belly rumbles, the esophagus lurches within, and you battle back the slimy liquid that threatens to spew forth from your lips.

It’s a nasty experience. We all hate that sensation so we’re taking measures at Dread Central to help prevent such a situation from occurring.

See, there are horror sequels out there that are so horrifically bad they somehow trigger something in our internal systems… and the belly begins to rumble. We wish you no stomach troubles here, and we certainly wish the taste of bile on no man or woman. So we’re going to provide you with a list of sequels to avoid at all costs because if you check these out, you’ll be searching for the toothbrush in no time!

15 Nauseating Horror Sequels

Exorcist II: The Heretic – Good lord, talk about terribly made films and totally and completely unnecessary sequels. The Heretic was certainly a blasphemous follow-up to one of the most beloved productions ever crafted (kudos to the brilliant William Friedkin, who did an amazing job bringing the original tale to life). What’s so perplexing about it is the overall package: The flick had a fair budget, a solid cast (Linda Blair, Max Von Sydow, Louise Fletcher, James Earl Jones), a capable director (John Boorman, who gave us strong flicks like Deliverance and Excalibur), and a sound special effects crew. But one horrendous script can annihilate all of those positives, as William Goodhart proves. The film feels as though it has absolutely zero direction or logic in mind, which forces everyone to struggle with the production and the entire point of the picture. It’s so dull it could potentially put you in a coma, and a preposterous climax doesn’t help matters one bit. You can’t successfully duplicate the finale of the first Exorcist. A bad sequel? Nope. A despicable sequel.

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From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman’s DaughterFrom Dusk Till Dawn was one of, if not the, greatest vampire flicks to see release in the 1990s. From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money couldn’t hold a candle to its immediate predecessor, but it was a surprisingly entertaining flick. From Dusk Till Dawn 3, however, was a disaster that should have never been conceived. It’s painfully boring with very little to do with actual vampires. The cinematography looks as though it’s on par with a first-year film student’s work, and the acting manages little more than siphoning a few laughs and a lot of head shakes. The fact that there’s a western-themed undertone to the first two flicks is great; to turn the third film into an outright western/horror piece was the wrong decision. Not that any correct decisions were made with this production.

Sometimes They Come Back… For More – Really? How many times do nasty kids with evil hearts come back to torment those they’ve already wronged? Three? Five? Seven? This one is a dud of epic proportions, and there’s something deep inside that tells me Stephen King engaged in a little face-palm action the moment he caught wind of this pile of feces. Nothing more need be said. The film just doesn’t merit any form of promotion.

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Scream 3 – Talk about unlikable sequels. Wes Craven’s third Scream picture not only jumped the tracks, it completely embarrassed itself and – in the minds of some – tarnished the strength of the franchise as a whole. The synergy amongst the cast has gone AWOL, leaving Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courtney Cox to carry the show themselves with absolutely zero backup. Sadly, that doesn’t quite pan out, and neither does the story, which feels rushed and murky. The mystery died somewhere in pre-production, and not even a cameo from franchise favorite Randy (Jamie Kennedy) and a handful of genre nods (a cameo from Roger Corman, Lance Henriksen portraying a scumbag bigwig named “John Milton,” for example) can save this miserable waste of time and money.

Lost Boys: The Tribe – Okay, truth be told, this just might be the very worst genre sequel shot in the history of celluloid. Quite literally everything about the picture is miserable. The story is abysmal, there’s a terribly disconcerting incestuous tone to the film, the villains look like the kind of tool bags who get the crap beaten out of them at the local pub after running their mouths to the wrong patron, and the sudden X-Games design to the film is revolting. Seriously, this is an extreme X-Games flick with depressing performers across the board and completely preposterous ideas at work. There’s no way in hell Corey Feldman was proud of this one. I mean, really… Surfing vampires? Have a priest bless the ocean! Story over.

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Return to Sleepaway Camp – First off, let it be known that I have absolutely nothing against the handicapped or learning impaired. It’s unfortunate that some are born with or develop these afflictions, and I’m totally and completely sympathetic – and yes, even quite sensitive to the matter. That said, I’ve got to put it out there because everyone is thinking it: This one plays out as though a mass crowd of mentally challenged individuals decided making a movie would be a stellar idea. If this crew actually happened to be mentally challenged, I’d applaud the film. Unfortunately, they’re not. The end product, however, is mentally challenged, plain and simple. Again, apologies if that comes off as offensive; watch the film and you’ll understand the validity in that statement, and you’ll likely see that I mean no offense.

Blade: Trinity – What is it with the curse of the third film? Scream 3, Sometimes They Come Back…3, From Dusk Till Dawn 3, Creepshow 3… They’re all bad on a paralyzing plane. Blade: Trinity falls right into the mix, but then again, most of us saw that coming the moment we learned Ryan Reynolds and Triple H were attached to the production. Every ounce of entertainment value detectible in the first two Blade films decided to take a vacation. In its leave, loathsome dialogue, stiff acting, a stale storyline, and the least intimidating villain of the Blade universe were left in charge. They came together and made a movie; it just happened to be one of the crappiest movies to hit the market, and the clear low point of the Blade franchise. You just can’t come back from that.

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Halloween: Resurrection – We’ve seen some extremely questionable Halloween films released post-1982. None touch the severe neglect dealt to Halloween: Resurrection. The cast of this flick is horrendous (and that’s a statement all itself, as Sean Patrick Thomas, Katee Sackhoff, and Thomas Ian Nicholas are all very capable thespians), and the story is just unbelievably absurd. Even worse, it’s essentially a rip-off. It’s basically a contemporized (or re-)telling of Halloween 6, drug out too long, with zero genuine scares, subpar special effects, and a finale that’s bound to have you in tears it’s so ridiculous. I’ll admit though: It’s hilarious watching Busta Rhymes and Michael Myers slug it out.

Jaws: The Revenge – I refuse to get too in-depth about this film. It’s awful beyond awful, and that’s probably more than adequate information. But just to hammer the point home, know this: If you suffer from insomnia, this near-shark-free flick will serve as the ideal sedative. Not even the roaring shark or the fact that he follows the Brody family from Jersey to the Bahamas and will only attack members of said Brody family will be enough to keep you awake.

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Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf – If you’re a fan of films that make not a lick of sense, you’ll probably love this flick. Typically, a well told tale sits a bit better with this particular spectator. But Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf is all over the place. It’s basically a bunch of scenes thrown together. As it just so happens, very few of those scenes make for much of any impact. In fact, most of those scenes suck. It’s astonishing to know that Christopher Lee would have any hand in this production, but he did. I’m sure he regrets that to this day. That said, he may throw the film on every now and then to take in the one positive quality of the flick: loads of nudity from Sybil Danning.

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer – Sometimes you forget how bad a movie is until you watch it again years later. Such is the case with this astoundingly bad sequel. Who in their right mind thought this was a good idea? Who the hell approved the script? It’s loaded with terrible dialogue, the relocation of the film’s events completely thwarts continuity, the acting rivals a Troma production, and it’s not for one single second frightening. If not for a brief appearance from Jeffrey Combs, this one would rank in the top three worst sequels ever turned out for a quick buck.

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Texas Chainsaw 3D – The one and only Uncle Creepy described this one as a “glorified fan film,” and he’s almost spot-on. It’s actually more like a really lazy glorified fan film. This pic is filled with more holes than two boxes of Cheerios, and no matter how well done any other element of the film might have been handled, that one weakness alone would have sunk this decrepit sub. But that wasn’t the only issue with the movie. Not even close. The film boasts about two well-shot sequences and features a group of “protagonists” (Let’s just be real: They’re victims) that wouldn’t in two million years hang out with each other. Really, there’s a weird, slightly Goth girl in the mix; a wannabe suave, “tough” black dude; a dork who seems to serve… well, no purpose whatsoever; and then there’s the stunning Tania Raymonde, who looks like she showed up thinking, “Fuck it, it’s a paycheck.” Terrible cast. If the cohesiveness of Scream 3’s cast was awful, this is… I’m not certain a word for it has even been invented yet! And for the record, I’m still struggling to figure out the timeline of this film… is Leatherface now like 65 years old? Or what about the main chick? Shouldn’t she be in her forties? Is this supposed to have taken place in some time frame not too distanced from 1974? Is this really a sequel? Did anyone think any of this through? Did I miss that detail while contemplating numerous suicidal methods to avoid reaching its conclusion?

Hellraiser: Revelations – There’s a part of my inner core that accepts a willingness to embrace the thought of anyone other than Doug Bradley portraying Pinhead. Someone could certainly make it work! Then it unfolds on screen, your innards overturn, and your brain is cast into pure upheaval. Because it sucks, harder than Judy and her breakfast habits (Cornershop fans will pick up on that one). Hands down the worst Hellraiser production to be created, and the one true sequel you know – without a doubt – is actually guaranteed to be more putrefying than Halloween: Resurrection. Uh… kudos to director Víctor García, I guess? It can’t be too easy to completely liquesce all things great about a franchise like Hellraiser… right? Still, bonus points for the weirdness of the incestuous scene involving eating soup with no spoon and the hilarious moments in which Pinhead reacts to people touching the Lament Configuration “I Dream of Jeannie” style.

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Leprechaun 4: In Space – Chances are readers anticipated seeing Jason X land on this list. But it is not to be so. For a few reasons actually. Jason X, while full-blown ludicrous (duo Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer initially wanted to play it straight, to the chagrin of the studio execs), was a lot of fun to watch. The over-the-top lines worked in a wonderfully Ed Woodish kind of way, and Jason not only performs the awe-inspiring sleeping bag tree smash, he actually looks cool while doing it. That upgrade was something just unexpectedly amusing and a little badass! Now, when Leprechaun made his journey to space… well, it was enough to make any sane individual want to smash through a window and be sucked into outer space, only to feel their entire body explode just to get away from that annoying bastard. There isn’t an honest quality to the entire film, no lie.

Creepshow III – Wait… Stephen King is out of the mix? George Romero is out of the mix? No doubt, we’re doomed. The biggest problem with this sequel, in all honesty, is the outlandish concept of a few of the segments, a few extremely cliché bits, and their total and complete lack of frightening elements as a whole. There isn’t a single chilling moment in the entire production. I suppose points could be issued for interweaving certain characters in different segments, but that doesn’t really take the viewer to any special place. No, what we have here is a miserably paced film with immensely disappointing visual effects, subpar performances, oft-hideous production values, and too many damn shorts to force yourself to sit through. Did I mention the Creeper is now a demonic hot dog vendor? Do yourself a favor: Don’t watch this movie.

If we missed something, please – for the love of all things horror – let us know!!

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  1. You put Texas Chainsaw 3D as worse than Texas Chainsaw 4? You put Leprechaun in Space as worse than the two Leprechaun Hood films? You put Halloween: Resurrection as worse than RZ Halloween II? SMH

  2. I like Jason X.. its certainly not even the worst of the non remake Fridays.

    And Creepshow 3.. what an abomination, the shitty adobe after effects face stretching vampire things, the terrible makeup in the remote control bit.. just painfully awful, nevermind the fact the stories, dialogue and acting were all created by Satan himself to test the viewers patience.
    I rate it a Fuck this movie out of 5 for sure.

  3. I avoid most sequels, so I can only list a few off the top of my head that made me want to kick small animals afterwards…

    The Exorcist 2
    The Ring 2
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation
    Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker
    Hellraiser: Inferno
    2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams
    Paranormal Activity 4
    Scream 3
    Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever
    The Last Exorcism 2
    Poltergeist 2: The Other Side
    Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare
    REC 3: Genesis
    Jason X

    • While I don’t agree with all of the titles you listed here, I gotta say that the majority of your list skews very close to the one I’d end up with if I bothered to write one, kiddcapone. I’m really glad to see someone put 2001 Maniacs Field of Screams out there. How the hell that mutant afterbirth of a transgender lemur came from the same people responsible for the very entertaining 2001 Maniacs is a mystery to me.

      And I managed to find something to love about every Elm Street movie until Freddy’s Dead broke that streak by giving us Spencer’s Craptastic Nintendo Adventure, complete with Pussified Comic Freddy (Power glove sold separately). I kid you not- I was watching that flick in the theater its opening weekend and, during the scene where he cackles “Hey! You forgot the power glove!”, I flashed back to this same character popping up behind Tina at the beginning of the original , slaughtering kids at a pool party in Freddy’s Revenge and turning an unfortunate psyche ward patient into a human marionnette in Dream Warriors and I swear I could physically feel part of my soul die.

    • Nah, Inferno is a damn masterpiece compared to Part 3, Hellworld, Deader, Revelations, and Bloodline. Hellworld being the most egregious offender. At least the fucking cenobites were actually for real in Inferno and not some drug induced hallucination. I can’t tell you how mad I was by the end of Hellworld.

      • I’m sure others might be worse, but I stopped watching the series after Inferno. That broke my desire of anything Hellraiser related.

        • If there’s a horror icon that deserved a resurrection and cleansing from all the DTV garbage it’s Pinhead this franchise has been ruined .I still remember seeing 1 & 2 at the drive in I think Pumpkinhead was the double feature with Hellbound , that was EPIC! There’s a lot of source material to draw from comics etc…hope this happens with the French director but I heard that wasent happening now bummer!

      • Wow. That’s fuckin stupid. Honestly I gave up after part 4. After not enjoying anything but part 1 and the first twenty minutes of two, why subject myself to the rest?

    • CHUD 2
      ROLD 2
      Children of the corn 2
      from Dusk Till Dawn 2
      Pumpkinhead 2
      Waxwork 2
      Hills Have Eyes 2
      The Omen 3
      The Ring 2
      Demons 2

  4. The Howling 2 has Reb Brown and Sybil Danning, so you’re wrong.

    The Howling New Moon Rising is thirty times worse.

    And Scream 4 should be in place of Scream 3. Scream 4 played it so safe it was practically a remake.

    • The Howling II had Christopher Lee plus Danning flashing her breasts in a loop during the credits and it STILL sucked. That makes it a lot worse than either New Moon Rising or the Marsupials.

      I’m wondering how Halloween III didn’t end up on this list. I don’t care how many people have taken a latter day liking to it..that movie flat out sucks. It isn’t remotely scary, the plot is inane and it looks like it was made for about five dollars and change.

      And, hey, speaking of crap sequels….. where’s Day of the Dead: Contagium? How does that train wreck not end up on this list? Here’s a sequel that is not only the cinematic equivalent of rock bottom, but it had to make up a brand new word in the title to get there.

      • Nope! Halloween 3 is cool! I always liked it! Yes its mental, but it basically ends with a fuckload of kids dying.. and whats better than that? And come on, that song is great =D

        I actually wish they’d never gone back to Michael Myers and carried on doing random shit for the sequels, because frankly every halloween movie bar 1, 3 and maybe H20 is pretty shite. H20 was just neat for a sort of sense of closure on a character, then undone by shitty ressurection.

        Meh. The only genuinely, objectively good one is the first.

  5. I agree with Life Mi that Scream 3 – though disappointing- is nowhere near bad enough to warrant inclusion on a list like this.

    The Howling II however, absolutely does. That stinking pile of monkey waste is cinematic root canal. It’s the horror film equivalent of expecting to get lucky with your girlfriend and then being hit with the Serpent and the Rainbow iron spike treatment at the last minute. It’s an unholy affliction leveled against man for letting Punky Brewster be an actual thing. I’m willing to bet that, somehow, the devil disguised as an agent tricked Christopher Lee into appearing in The Howling II as a joke on the actor and then felt so bad afterward when he actually saw the film that he helped Lee put together a heavy metal album at age 91. That movie sucks dead walrus scrotes.

    “You don’t like it?”

    “No. I don’t like it.”

    • You know what’s sad, dude? Everything you say about Howling II is right and yet it’s still better than Howling III The Marsupials. Speaking of Christopher Lee, I remember hearing he apologized to Joe Dante about Howling II when they worked together on Gremlins 2.

      • The Howling II was great. So uneven, disjointed, poorly acted and nonsensical. Who could watch such a disaster and say it sucked? I own it and watch it every so often. WAAAAYYYY more entertaining than some of the other sequels. Tits on a loop. That’s all anyone needs to know.

          • LOL. I wouldn’t say that, but I know what you mean. It’s like he really wants to act, puts his all in it and still sucks. And this was one of his most subdued roles. We didn’t even get that full-on Reb Brown howl. Hehe.

          • Yeah, it’s like he thinks if he screams while doing something, it’s dramatic.

        • Howling III is one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. I can understand liking Howling II as a guilty pleasure, but Howling III is shit in its purest form.

          • “I can understand liking Howling II as a guilty pleasure”

            I can’t. At all. The Howling II isn’t so bad it’s good, it’s just bad. By even trying to connect its narrative to The Howling, it shits all over one of the best horror films of its time, the one that brought werewolves snarling back into the mainstream with awesome new transformation effects some four months before An American Werwolf in London was released. Even worse, Gary Brandner -author of the novel The Howling that inspired Dante’s film – was involved with part II.

            I seriously have no idea what the fuck happened there.

          • Don’t get me wrong, Cinemascribe; it’s terrible, but I get the cult appeal of it. But there’s nothing appealing about Howling III.

          • You don’t find anything appealing about…Weird werewolf cults? Australian accents? Weird priests on the bus? Ridiculous Communist conspiracies? Marsupial werewolves? Creepy werewolf sex? Casting via extended chase scene? Shape Shifters Part 8? Z Grade Alfred Hitchcock impersonator? Bushmen werewolves? Werewolf nuns? Russian ballerina werewolf? Animated werewolf skeleton? Goofy strobe lighted Halloween parties? An Alien inspired dream sequence? Werewolf joey? Inexplicable jumps forward in time? A main character named “Jerboa”? The dumbest “shock” ending ever?

            I don’t understand people sometimes.

          • No Nazo, I could enjoy those things if the movie came off like Troll 2 or Silent Night, Deadly Night 2, but I don’t think it has that feel. It’s not a so bad it’s good movie, it’s just so fucking bad it hurts to even think about it. I’ll give you the one thing I remember liking about Howling III; it’s when the president learns that Barry Otto fell in love with a werewolf and he’s relieved to hear it was a female werewolf.

          • For me it does have that Troll 2 vibe. It tries so many weird things and has so many goofy subplots that it became endearing to me.

  6. Texas Chainsaw 4 and Slumber Party Massacre 3 should’ve been on this list. I certainly wasn’t a fan of Texas Chainsaw 3D, but I’ll take that glorified fan film over the The Next Generation any day. The only entry on the list I disagree with is Scream 3; not a good film, but nowhere near as bad as its reputation would suggest.

  7. Jason goes to Hell. You missed that. And A New Beginning. You missed that too. And If I may, EVERY Hellraiser sequel save for the first twenty minutes of 2 is unwatchable. They have their moments, but those are few and far between. Both AvP movies. I also like Silent Hill 2, which I thought might be on here, even though it seems everyone hates it for reasons I can’t understand. Come at me.

      • Yeah, I agree with that. It’s not perfect, but I really like it. It continues the story of the first, playing by the established rules, and delivers imaginative f/x work most of the time. Once things get going in the cursed town, it’s a damn good time. I like the first as well, but it feels too much like a video game at times. Sure, it’s creepier, but the second one is more about freeing the soul of the girl. By powerhugging it or something. That was kind of silly.

        • I haven’t seen it in a while, but I recall the story being quite silly, yet convoluted. I don’t remember it playing by many of the established rules from its predecessor either – like the way Heather got out of Silent Hill, that was just something the writer pulled out of his ass for the sake of quickly forcing the story forward. There are many other examples of the film’s poor writing/story.

          And while I agree that they had some fun monster ideas to try out, the 3D in-your-face style and the really awkward CGI both completely took you out of those moments. If anything, Silent Hill 2 is the one that’s more like a video game; with bad graphics and none of the atmosphere from the original film or games… and let us not forget that shockingly abysmal Mortal Kombat styled final showdown (no, just no).

          Sean Bean & Carrie-Anne Moss… why?!

          • I thought the effects were better than in the first. The beetles from the first were nothing special. And I dug the MK ending. That was pretty cool. Seeing P-head get all fucked up and swing around with his knife was a lot of fun. Pyramid head was her guardian of sorts in the second one. Sure, he’s a demon, but he also hasn’t slaughtered anyone who doesn’t deserve it. He has a code he follows. I think. All of the monsters/demons in those two movies represent something. Sure, the two movies do contradict each other at times, even P-head does(yea, I know some of his actions are contradictory between films). It’s not perfect, but I think it’s a worthy follow-up.

          • Dude, really? The Mortal Kombat ending was the final straw for me. Throughout the movie I was thinking “This is stupid. This sucks. Oh, that’s kinda cool (the prosthesis monster). Oh give me a break”. Then than awful, awful ending. That did it. Fuck you, movie. May you die of gonorrhea and burn in hell.

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