In Honor of Evil Dead – The Top Five Heinous Household Horrors

In Honor of Evil Dead - The Top Five Heinous Household HorrorsEvil Dead. The remake we’ve all heard so much about. We’ve seen the impressive trailers, we’ve read the glowing reviews. We’re all waiting with bated breath for the April 5 release of Evil Dead. In celebration of the film, we’ve got a new list for you to chew on.

Sure, chainsaws and axes are scary implements of murder, but there are plenty of items of death, doom and destruction that can be found right in the home. Just look around your kitchen and you’ll see plenty of things that can separate a man from his breath in a big hurry. Read on for our Top Five Heinous Household Horrors!

In Honor of Evil Dead - The Top Five Heinous Household Horrors
Microwave Oven-Gremlins
Joe Dante’s holiday-themed romp was memorable for so many reasons: the cute and cuddly Mogwai, Gizmo; the sinister and scaly Stripe, who was as devious as he was ugly; and the humor and F/X that are laced throughout this horror-comedy film. However, one of the most memorable scenes in the movie was (no, not the flasher gremlin or the movie theater sing-along…although both were great) in the kitchen of the Peltzer home. Everyone who’s ever seen Gremlins remembers Mrs. Peltzer spritzing one of the green meanies in the face with an aerosol spray can and then trapping it in the microwave oven and firing that baby up. And quick as a flash, bam! Gremlin flambé! Gremlin guts all over the inside of the microwave. I wonder if ol’ Rand Peltzer had an invention to clean that up.

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