Top 7 Horror Sequels We Hoped For But Never Got

Sequels… how we love them. Not sure why we love them because except for a few rare exceptions, they are normally tremendous letdowns, but we love them nonetheless. There’s just something about seeing that next chapter in our favorite stories that’s so damn alluring.

Sequels are great for several reasons. Aside from the fact that we get another look at characters we fell in love with, sequels also keep the story arc going (sometimes good, sometimes bad), and sequels usually make a shit-ton of money… and it’s always nice to see a horror film at number one at the box office.

Sometimes sequels put a bad taste in our mouths (Blair Witch 2), but other times they deliver big time (Evil Dead 2). Some are still promising us sequels (Wolf Creek) while a few gave us sequels that barely seemed to be part of the original film (Queen of the Damned). Regardless, we’ve got a list of movies that never made sequels, and they are films that we would have loved to have gotten a little more from.

Top 7 Horror Sequels We Hoped For But Never Got
Forget cardio; rule number one is when your horror or horror-comedy film gets this much attention and positive chatter, you’ve got to make a sequel. Fans fell in love with Zombieland instantly and figured a sequel was all but guaranteed. But when you feature stars like Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone and Jesse Eisenberg (thanks a lot, The Social Network) who don’t have any trouble finding work in Hollywood, there’s no guarantee they’ll be back for another round of undead shenanigans. Thus is the fate of Zombieland. Although there are always rumors swirling around about a second film, and with a TV series in the works, it doesn’t look very promising that we’ll be seeing Columbus and Tallahassee again on the big screen anytime soon.

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  • kiddcapone

    Yeah, I’d also throw Dog Soldiers 2: Dead Meat out there. What the hell ever happened to that sequel?

    Plus, Phantasm 5, Evil Dead 4, Bubba Nosferatu, and although non-horror, I’d pop a perpetual boner if a sequel to Big Trouble in Little China ever got announced.

  • nazo

    I concur on the lack of need for a Shuan sequel. I’m usually not a fan of sequels, but one I could get excited for, if done properly, is Trick ‘R Treat 2.

  • Terminal

    Another fine list.

    Zombie Land was never intended to be a movie. It was pitched as a TV series, but since no network wanted to buy it they turned it in to a movie. The Zombie Kill of the week was supposed to be for every new episode, but now with the success of TWD, Zombieland is finally getting a chance. So I can see why it’s not getting a sequel.

    Plus Woody Harrelson has said no thanks to playing Talahassee ever again.

    Leslie Vernon sadly had a kickstarter campaign last year and they didn’t get enough donations, so a sequel is far off from now.

    I’m actually glad Shaun is never getting a sequel. I want the Wright/Pegg/Frost crew to work on new stuff rather than stifle themselves to one series over and over. I hope it stays that way.

    I hope the Strangers sequel is good if we ever get it. I last read they were going to show the faces behind the masks, which is a bad idea, IMO. The excellence of The Strangers, is the killers never showed their faces, and never had a reason for terrorizing this couple. At least not one any sane person would ever understand.

    • Doctor Gash

      What was The Strangers’ motivation? ‘Because you were home’ I believe…correct?

  • Sirand

    What about Funhouse & Near Dark ever screamed “sequel?” Along with Shaun of the Dead, they felt like singular self-contained films.

    Much better examples would be Eduardo/Sanchez’s Blair Witch prequel, the long-rumored Big Trouble & Buckaroo Banzai sequels/crossover, Carpenter’s Escape from Earth, Phantasm’s End, Freddy vs Jason vs Ash, etc.

    • Uncle Creepy

      I dunno dude, I wouldn’t have minded revisiting both of those world’s once again. The Funhouse is home to one of my absolute favorite killers.