Top Seven Alien Abductions in Cinema and on TV

Are we alone in the universe? Pondering upon the vastness of the universe, we’d have to be incredibly self-centered to think we are the only life form in existence. And although we haven’t seen proof of our intergalactic brethren, there have been plenty of films and TV shows about their clandestine (and more demonstrative) visits to Earth.

Now we have an entirely new horrific vision about one of those alien visits and the havoc they cause in Dark Skies. Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton star as the married couple whose life becomes derailed by mysterious happenings caused by a disturbing malevolent force…and it isn’t a domestic disturbance by any means. This one is imported. Way imported.

To celebrate the release of Dark Skies this weekend, we have compiled a list of some of the best alien abduction stories we’ve enjoyed over the years. Come reminisce with us to get into the mood for this new, creepy tale about extra-terrestrials…and they’re not the good Reese’s Pieces-eating kind either!

Top Seven Alien Abductions in Cinema and on TV
“American Horror Story: Asylum”
Perhaps you forgot the alien abduction part of “American Horror Story: Asylum.” With all the other stuff going on…a Nazi doing human experimentation, demonic possession, a serial killer…it’s easy to see how one could forget that alien abduction was a big part of the story. But yes, indeed, amid all the other madness, Kit’s wife, Alma, was stolen away…and that wasn’t the only tinkering the greys did. Although we never got a good look at them, alien abduction certainly helped to shape this entertaining season of the upstart “American Horror Story” anthology series.

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