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10 Upcoming 2017 Horror Movies I’m Excited About



It Comes At Night

We’re almost at the halfway point of 2017, if you can believe that. Since the year started, we’ve gotten some pretty incredible horror films that have been scoring big at the box office and there are no signs of that trend slowing down. In fact, horror may have one of its biggest years ever as there are still several months to go and some big titles that will be gracing the silver screen.

Since there are so many interesting titles coming out, I wanted to highlight 10 that I think will stand above the rest and offer fans something truly special. So, join me below as I pick 10 horror films that are truly exciting me and then let me know what you are looking forward to in the comments!

Alien: Covenant – Release Date: May 19th

To be completely honest, I’m rather anxious about this film. You see, I want to love it. I’ve adored the Alien franchise ever since I was a young boy and the thought of any chance to return to that universe excites me. That being said, the trailers haven’t exactly instilled me with a lot of confidence. I guess that’s why I’m so excited about it because I simply don’t know what I’m going to get. All I know is that I’ll give it every chance to be amazing.

It Comes at Night – Release Date: June 9th

A24 is a studio that, at this point, can do pretty much no wrong in my eyes. After The Witch and Ex Machina, they have carte blanche to release genre films and snag my attention. The above trailer is proof that teasing the audience is far more effective than giving them scenes from every act and then expect them to enjoy the final product.

The Mummy – Release Date: June 9th

While I’m not really sure how much horror there is going to be in this new Universal Monster Cinematic Universe, I honestly believe that it will be a chance for adults to introduce the original films to a younger generation OR that it will encourage the younger generation to seek out the originals on their own. That alone makes me love this very concept and want to support it entirely.

47 Meters Down – Release Date: June 16th

Know why I’m excited about this film? Because it was just about to get released on home video when it was yanked for a theatrical release. I honestly can’t remember the last time I heard of something like that and it has sparked my interest enormously. Additionally, I’ve heard from people who I trust who have seen the movie and they absolutely adored it. That’s enough for me.

Resident Evil: Vendetta – Release Date: June 19th

I love the CGI Resident Evil films. They’re not flawless but they ARE miles ahead of the live-action adaptation franchise. Far more true to the game series, these films look great, have a wonderful blend of action and horror, and expand upon the universe of the franchise in fascinating ways. This upcoming entry looks like it’ll offer the same!

The Dark Tower – Release Date: August 4th

Dark Tower

At this point, I’m excited to see the film to see if it actually exists! Attempts at adapting The Dark Tower have been in the works for years! After a couple of date changes, I just want to know if this film lives up to the hopes and expectations of King’s devoted fans. I sincerely hope so because this world is vast and rich with possibilities.

Annabelle: Creation – Release Date: August 11th

Hear me out, okay? In horror, there are times when a sequel not only matches its predecessor but can also exceed expectations and result in something fantastic. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first Annabelle, I’m still rather interested to see where this James Wan spinoff series might go. Plus, David F. Sandberg is proving himself to be quite the horror force to be reckoned with and I want to support that growth!

Stephen King’s IT – Release Date: September 8th

People, I can’t tell you how excited for this film I am. I have such high hopes and expectations and I have a confident feeling that I won’t be disappointed. The above trailer shows that atmosphere, style, and substance are going to be integral to this story, making for a very satisfying movie experience.

Cult of Chucky – Release Date: Unknown


C’mon, how can anyone NOT be excited about a new Chucky film? The killer doll has become a horror icon and seeing as how this series is still ongoing without any remakes or reboots, I want to support that continuation as much as I can. Plus, Brad Dourif is the best.

Gerald’s Game – Release Date: Unknown

Gerald's Game

Yes, I realize that this is the third Stephen King adaptation on this list. Y’know what? I’m totally okay with that. The man is a master of horror, so any adaptation of his work immediately becomes something I’m interested in. Considering the seemingly unadaptable story contained within Gerald’s Game and factoring in that it’s directed by Mike Flanagan, I think this will end up being something very special. Now, all we need is a release date…





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