Top Ten 3D Horror Flicks!

Can it be true? Is the final Saw really upon us? Hard to believe James Wan’s little indie nasty resonated with audiences six years back in a way large enough to spawn six freakin’ sequels. And what’s more surprising is that Jigsaw waited until the very end of his October reign to cash in on the trendy 3D craze that’s been putting the hurt on our wallets the last few years.

With Saw 3D’s release quickly approaching, there’s perhaps no better time to reflect on the genre’s most successful (or, in some cases, most baffling) forays into all three dimensions. Of course we’re going to cover all of the mainstays, but this list wouldn’t be worth much if we didn’t pull the curtain back on some of the truly bizarre offerings that somehow found their way to dimly lit screens all over the world.

So, before you head out the door to savor the 3D traps (they’re coming alive, ya know!), pop on those uncomfortable glasses, pocket some aspirin for the inevitable headache and let’s remember ten films from the past and present that were so damn large they couldn’t be contained by two measly dimensions!

Top Ten 3D Horror Flicks!
10. It Came From Outer Space (1953)

While I’ve never come anywhere near close to seeing this one projected in 3D, Jack Arnold’s archetypal science fiction film (small town besieged by an alien threat) holds up as a compelling cautionary tale. Richard Carlson (in the first of two films on this list) was never better as the desperate believer shunned by a community of skeptics who refuse to believe in the alien threat buried at their feet. The notion that humanity isn’t ready to interact with such a superior and technically proficient race speaks volumes about society’s dependence on technology (now, more relevant than ever) and, frankly, the alien designs are all kinds of awesome. The densely layered Ray Bradbury script certainly doesn’t hurt much, either.

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