The Best of the Worst Claustrophobic Moments in Film

Yeah, kiddos. With Buried on the brain now that it’s been lowered into theaters, we thought it’d be fun to look back at some of the worst moments in characters’ lives in the history of stuffy cinema.

These are some of the scenes that have either caused me to hold my breath, breathe too quickly, or simply flail my arms and legs around like someone dropped an ice cube down my shirt, in the hopes that my empathetic energy might help the characters onscreen out of their sticky situation. Here are a few of:

The Best of the Worst Claustrophobic Moments in Film

The Serpent and the Rainbow – Any flick whose tagline announces in the first person “Don’t bury me… I’m not dead!” must be included, no? Bill Pullman is an anthropologist who goes to Haiti to discover the truth behind whether or not zombification is possible. He finds out, and it sucks extraordinarily hard for him. Watching someone being buried alive is one thing. Watching someone being buried alive by a maniac who tosses a tarantula in the coffin to keep the victim “company” is another. It’s unpleasant business, no question about it – but the fact that it’s Lone Star who is suffering through this makes my heart ache and my stomach cramp. Thanks, Wes Craven. You might as well have buried my favorite uncle alive – it would’ve hurt just as much, if not less.

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  • Vanvance1

    One of my faves is in the underrated gem ‘The Gravedancers’.