Tony Todd

Deon Taylor Tells Us Nite Tales

You’ve been waiting for it; finally another film from the creative mind of Deon Taylor (producer of Chain Letter) is upon us; the sorta-anthology Nite Tales! I say “sorta” because there are only two stories here so I guess it’s more of a normal film broken up into two parts?

Official Site for Pulido's The Graves Open

The doors have swung open on the official site for Evil Ernie creator Brian Puldio’s first foray into full-length horror, The Graves. The story follows two sisters whose trip to a remote mining town turns into a struggle for survival against evil from both this and other worlds.

Blood Wars (2008)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Tony Todd, Jason Connery, A.J. Draven, Allison Lange, America Olivio, C. Thomas Howell Directed by Tom Shell

First Look at Tony Todd in Beg!

Earlier this week the local indie mavens making Beg, which to date had the likes of Tony Moran and Tiffany Shepis to boast in its cast, got the chance to add Tony Todd to their list of horror stars, and we’ve got the photographic evidence to prove it!

Bryan Loves You (DVD)

Reviewed by Kryten Syxx Starring Seth Landau, Tiffany Shepis, Lloyd Kaufman, Candy Stanton, Tony Todd, Tom Noga, Tori King, Jacqui Allen Written and directed by Seth Landau Distributed by Anchor Bay Home Entertainment

Dark Reel (2008)

Reviewed by Melissa Bostaph Starring Tiffany Shepis, Edward Furlong, Lance Henriksen, Tony Todd, Rick Baker Directed by Josh Eisenstadt

UPDATE: Bryan Loves Dark Delicacies

UPDATE: BLY director Seth Landau got us up-to-speed on the revised guest list for the Dark Delicacies signing. Dan Roebuck is out, but in his place comes Jeff Dylan Graham. Jeff has appeared in a number of horror pictures aside from BLY, including 100 Tears and Beyond the Dunwich Horror.

Tony Todd Talks Candyman Rumors

There have been rumors about a new Candyman movie, be it remake or sequel, since the last film crawled its way to home video almost 10 years ago. Most recently a remake has been the talk of the town, with one theory being that Sony wanted to make Candyman a white boy, as insane and missing-the-point as that idea would be.

Exclusive: New Look at Evil Ernie Creator's Directorial Debut!

After a little bit of digging, the sick geniuses behind Netherbeast Incorporated (review), The Ronalds Brothers, have just handed me another scoop of dirt and this time it’s straight from The Graves!

Exclusive: New Batch of Rock & Shock Guests!

We are pleased to reveal the next batch of guests confirmed for this year's Rock and Shock, which takes place in Worcester, Mass., October 10th-12th.

Dark Reel Trailer Found

Been a long time since we heard anything about Dark Reel, the film-within-a-film by Josh Eisenstadt that we showed you a whole slew of images from back here.

Grindhouse Double Feature: Dead Riot & Flesh for the Beast (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring (Dead Riot) Tony Todd, Carla Greene, Nina Hodoruk, Michael Quinlan, Cat Miller (Flesh for the Beast) Jane Scarlett, Sergio Jones, Clark Beasley Jr., Jim Coope, David Runco

Bryan Loves You, Contests and Distribution

Seth Landau's horror pic Bryan Loves You, based on the true events regarding a cult taking over an Arizona town in '93, has seen its fair share of bad craziness during production:

Bind Poster Unbound

The man, the myth, the legend; Dan Walton. All right, so his name may not mean a lot to you, but Dan’s well known to anyone who visits horror sites with the kind of untamed gusto that true devotees display, as he’s the driving force behind Upcoming Horror Movies, one of the longest running horror sites out there.

New Bryan Loves You Teaser!

Today we received word that yet more information has leaked around the top secret movie, Bryan Loves You, the story of death and murder at the hands of a fanatical cut.