Tony Leondis

Bill Murray to Have His Ghost Busted in B.O.O.

Bill Murray may be holding up the long talked about Ghostbusters III, but he's more than happy joining the spirit realm in the most kid-friendly way possible with the announcement of B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations.

Melissa McCarthy and Seth Rogen Ready to Say B.O.O.

Here at Dread Central there are certain titles we hate having to CONSTANTLY type out such as V/H/S, its sequel, and of course R.I.P.D. Just when we thought we were almost outta the woods on both... now comes B.O.O.

Seth Rogen Enrolls in Boo U

Seth Rogen has spent nearly his entire career making us laugh at the movies, but he's never really crossed over into the horror genre. But now thanks to a new animated project the door has been opened a crack, and the comedian is stepping on in. At least somewhat.

DreamWorks to Attend Boo U.

It seems even ghosts can suck at their jobs. Without old Beetlejuice around to help them through the rough spots, what's a spooker to do when he just stops being scary? According to DreamWorks Animation, they're to take a page out of Rodney Dangerfield's book and head back to school!