Tony Burgess

Pontypool Reunion Happening in the Hellmouth

Around these parts we're pretty big fans of the flick Pontypool, and any time word of another project from the minds of the lunatics behind it comes our way, we sit up and pay attention. You should too!

First Word and Stills From Ejecta

Independent Canadian film studio Foresight Features has teamed up with celebrated author Tony Burgess in a deal that includes three exciting new genre projects, and we have the skinny on a couple right here including Ejecta!

Badass New Pontypool Trailer

I love trailers. Especially trailers for movies about the world going to hell in a handbasket. Makes our economic woes seem a little less troublesome, does it not?

Author Talks Pontypool Film

This morning we got a heads up from a video producer up in Toronto, Canada, who recently got the chance to sit down with Pontypool author/screenwriter Tony Burgess to talk about the film. Instead of hording the info for themselves, they’ve put the interview up on YouTube for all to enjoy, so you can check it out below!