Tomorrow People

October 29-31 on The CW: New Synopses for The Originals, Supernatural, The Tomorrow People, and The Vampire Diaries

This new batch of synopses for horror shows on The CW includes Halloween night in Mystic Falls, which of course means it's time for yet another "Vampire Diaries" fancy dress-up ball!

October 22-24 on The CW: New Synopses for The Originals, Supernatural, The Tomorrow People, and The Vampire Diaries

"The Vampire Diaries" and "The Originals" return to The CW tonight, but we're already looking ahead to later this month. Check out what's coming on those shows along with "Supernatural" and "The Tomorrow People."

New Stills Shed a Bit More Light on The Tomorrow People Series Premiere

The CW's remake of UK 1970's series "The Tomorrow People" kicks off in just one week, and as promised a few days ago, here are several new images from the pilot, Episode 1.01.

October 15-17 on The CW: New Synopses for The Originals, Supernatural, The Tomorrow People, and The Vampire Diaries

Ready for a look inside the crystal ball to see what's ahead for fans of "Supernatural," "The Vampire Diaries," "The Tomorrow People," and "The Originals"? Read on!

One of the Original Tomorrow People Signs on to The CW's Remake

If you're a fan of the original "The Tomorrow People," which aired in the UK in the 70's, and are wondering whether or not to tune in to The CW's remake, one very big reason to at least check it out has arrived via some casting news...

Meet The Tomorrow People in this Image Gallery of the Characters

The CW's "The Tomorrow People" premieres on Wednesday, October 9th, and we have a new image gallery to share that introduces you to the cast. If you like what you see, check back in a few days for more photos from the show's pilot episode.

Synopsis-palooza! What's Ahead on The Originals, Supernatural, The Tomorrow People, and The Vampire Diaries

The week of October 7 is a busy one as "Supernatural" and "The Tomorrow People" have their fall premieres while "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Originals" air their second episodes of the new season.

The Tomorrow People Star Robbie Amell Talks His Character's Awesome Realization

We've heard from a few cast members of The CW's upcoming "The Tomorrow People" already, and now it's star Robbie Amell's turn to talk. Check out this new video interview with Amell in which he discusses his character Stephen's "awesome realization."

Mark Pellegrino Talks Protecting the Human Race in The Tomorrow People

Protecting the human race is no easy task, but if anyone can do it, it's Mark Pellegrino (we'll just skip over that whole Lucifer phase he went through on "Supernatural"). Here's a video for The CW's "The Tomorrow People" in which he talks about the challenges of his new role.

Downton Abbey Alum Dan Stevens to Be Heard But Not Seen in The Tomorrow People

Some unexpected casting news has arrived for The CW's "The Tomorrow People" as we now have word on what famous voice will be portraying the artificially intelligent mentor known as TIM, a character first established in the ’70s British version of the show.

The CW Unveils its Fall 2013 Key Art for The Originals and The Tomorrow People

Two upcoming fall 2013 series on our radar are The CW's "The Originals" and "The Tomorrow People," and today the network released new key art that will be used in the outdoor, print, and digital launch campaigns for the new shows.

New Preview of The Tomorrow People Will Take You to the Brink

Another new preview has arrived for "The Tomorrow People" from The CW, and in this one Stephen (series star Robbie Amell) is on the brink of becoming something extraordinary. Be sure to tune in for the premiere on Wednesday, October 9th, at 9PM!

Meta Golding Becomes Another One of The Tomorrow People

Another actor has joined the cast of "The Tomorrow People" as The Hunger Games' Meta Golding has been chosen by the upcoming CW drama to play a sexy, intimidating new partner to series lead Robbie Amell.

See the Updated Previews for The CW's The Originals and The Tomorrow People

With their October premiere dates looming ever closer, The CW has released updated previews for the network's highly anticipated new series "The Originals" and "The Tomorrow People." Check 'em both out right here!

Two New Previews Are Here Today for The Tomorrow People

"The Tomorrow People" premieres October 9th on The CW, and two new previews have arrived. We're still not sure how Dread-worthy this upcoming series will wind up being, but with Mark Pellegrino as one of the stars, we'll be watching for sure!