TomCat Films

TomCat Films Dispensing Dark Medicine in the Blood Shed

Along with Empress of the Evil Dead, which we just updated you on, TomCat Films has a few other horror movies in the pipeline they want you to be aware of: Dark Medicine (aka The Eugenist) and Blood Shed (aka American Weapon).

Empress Vampire Renamed Empress of the Evil Dead; New Artwork

It's been around a year and a half since we last mentioned Phil Condit's Empress Vampire, but it's now complete and has been renamed as Empress of the Evil Dead. It couldn't have anything to do with the upcoming Evil Dead remake, right?

Experience The Rite of Exorcism in this New Trailer

Possession continues to be a hot button issue in both the media and the general public. As The Devil Inside proved recently, Big Red still brings in big box office. You know what that means, right? Another flick dealing with demons! Hooray!

Disasters Will Go to War in Earthquake vs. Tsunami

If slashers and monsters can have their own "versus" movies, then why can’t natural disasters duke it out? Finally, at long last, we will get the answer to the burning question as to who would win in a battle between an earthquake and a tsunami. In this case the tagline of “whoever wins, we lose” will truly be apropos like never before.