Tom Holland

Fright Rags Unveils New Classic Fright Night T-Shirt Design

This writer's love for horror-themed t-shirts is second only to my addiction to classic genre posters. That being said, this morning I was extremely pleased to find one of the coolest emails ever waiting for me in my email inbox from the good people at Fright Rags.

Fright Night Fan Art Blow-Out

Now that Fright Night 3D week is officially in full swing, we wanted to bring you some badass artwork created by fans of Tom Holland's original Fright Night. Dig on the goods below!

Exclusive Fright Night Video Retrospective Coming August 22nd with Tom Holland and More!

This writer has a very short list of films that I could watch endlessly over and over again. As an awkward horror-loving girl who taped Freddy Krueger posters to her wall instead of the New Kids on the Block, the horror genre was always my escape.

Child's Play Remake Finally Moving?

Some interesting Child's Play rumors have reared their head online that just might usher in the return of everyone's favorite potty-mouthed redheaded, murderous doll.

Hatchet II Interview Week Entry 1: Tom Holland

Writer/director Tom Holland is best known for his work on such genre staples as Fright Night (which he wrote), Child’s Play (which he wrote and directed), as well as his work on films like Thinner, the TV movie The Stranger Within, The Temp and the Masters of Horror episode “We All Scream for Ice Cream.” What many may not know is that before Holland

Exclusive Never Before Seen Images: Danielle Harris and Joe Lynch - The Bloody Best Project!

If there's one project that has us excited beyond words if only because of its absolute coolness and badassery, it's The Bloody Best Project, and, man, do we have a treat for you!

The Bloody Best Project Celebrates Horror in a New Way

A really cool new art book project for horror fans has been cooking for a couple of months, and we've got all the details to share along with a few photographs that are sure to pique both your curiosity and your interest. Read on to learn more about The Bloody Best Project. Here's a synopsis of what you can expect from The Bloody Best Project:

Master of Horror Tom Holland Makes His Music Video Directorial Debut with Born Twice

There's no doubt about it; if there's one thing that Tom Holland knows, it is vampires, and he's about to unleash a whole new batch of them via his latest endeavor Twisted Tales. Ready for a quick and catchy bite?

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Hatchet II Footage Report! What Did You Miss? A LOT! Details Inside!

So earlier this evening we broke the news first that Adam Green's Hatchet II landed itself an unrated release with a major theater chain, and there's no doubt that this is huge news for both Dark Sky and the Hatchet Army. But for the lucky fans in attendance at the standing room only Hatchet II panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, more goods were on the way!

Exclusive First Look: Tom Holland's Twisted Tales: Vampire's Dance

One of the great masters of horror of our time, Tom Holland, is back with "Twisted Tales", a brand new series of short films created in the great tradition of anthology shows like "The Twilight Zone" and "Outer Limits", and we have an exclusive look at one of the films you can expect to see in this collection, Vampire's Dance!

Tom Holland to Unleash His New Brand of Twisted Tales

Director Tom Holland has been on the front lines of the horror genre his whole career and turned in many a modern classic as a result. Now he's venturing out into a whole new world of terror with some of the genre's heavyweights, and he's taking us all along for the ride!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win Tickets to the Creation Weekend of Horrors!

You want cool? You want badass? And you want it free? Well, if you'll be in the Los Angeles area from Friday, May 21st, through Sunday, May 23rd, we'll be sending you and a guest to the Creation Weekend of Horrors!

More Names Added to the Creation Weekend of Horrors Guest List!

The biggest horror show in LA just got a quite a bit bigger! More horror talent has signed on to join the already impressive list of genre celebs that will be lurking about the upcoming Creation Weekend of Horrors!

Child's Play (Blu-ray)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Catherine Hicks, Chris Sarandon, Alex Vincent, Brad Dourif, Dinah Manoff Directed by Tom Holland Distributed by MGM and Fox Home Entertainment

Tom Holland and David Chackler Bring Horror Fans Dead Rabbit Films

Horror buffs beware! A new production company has been formed by a couple of the most influential minds in the entertainment industry.