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Trailer and One-Sheet Debut for After Dark Original Asylum

It's been awhile (since last summer's San Diego Comic-Con to be exact) since we've had an update on the After Dark Original known as Asylum, but today we have a look at the film's artwork and trailer.

First Look at the Trailer for Syfy's True Bloodthirst

Syfy has a new Original Movie heading our way on Saturday, July 14th, entitled True Bloodthirst; and we have a look at the trailer for the flick, in which humans and vampires must band together against a new hybrid type of super vampire.

Syfy's Swamp Volcano Erupts This Weekend; Haunted Forest Double Feature Slated for February

Tired of seeing New York and Los Angeles get destroyed on film? Wish disaster movies could find a different metropolis to reduce to rubble? This weekend’s Swamp Volcano unleashes a lava storm on Miami. And then a month from now you can take a double-dip trip to the black forest of fairy tales in two back-to-back Syfy original premieres: Black Forest and Gretl: Witch Hunter.

Trailer for Syfy's Storm War Comes In Out of the Rain

All hail is set to break loose this weekend when Syfy's Storm War premieres on Saturday night, November 26th, at 9/8 Central, and we have the trailer from the film to share so you can decide if it's worth staying in and eating leftovers while watching it.

Day Breaks for the Vampyre Nation Trailer

It’s hard not to watch this trailer for Vampyre Nation and not get the sense that the makers of the movie watched Daybreakers and wished the film had more to do with characters hunting down those mutant vampire man-bats. And I would agree with them 100% on that point.

Syfy Establishing a Vampyre Nation

Daybreakers and Stake Land have given audiences different views of what a futuristic world overrun by vampires would be like. Now Syfy is gearing up to give us their take on a Vampyre Nation, one that features vampires outnumbering humans, synthetic blood, and a virus that causes vamps to devolve into man-bats. Wait - doesn't that sound just like Daybreakers?

Syfy Scares Up a Scene from Monster Wolf

Syfy's gearing up for its annual "31 Days of Halloween" by letting the wolf out of the bag, so to speak, with a clip from the October 9th premiere of Monster Wolf. As you may have deduced from just looking at the title, yes, it is indeed about a monster wolf.

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