Todd Tucker

Dread Visits Illusion Industries – Exclusive Photos, Video and More!

Recently Dread visited the Burbank, CA effects house Illusion Industries (formerly Drac Studios) for an extensive tour guided by company president and make-up artist Todd Tucker and while there got the lowdown on the future of the company as well as exclusive word on a handful of upcoming projects, including the Brooke Lewis-starring Vamp It Out and Tucker’s currently untitled Zack Ward v

Monster Mutt Trailer and DVD Date

It was a little over a year ago when I first brought news of Monster Mutt, a monstrous new family film billing itself as "Beethoven meets Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" about a lovable dog transformed by a mad scientist into an adorably silly looking furry fiend. I predicted then it would be on DVD shelves sometime in 2010. My prediction proved off by four days.

Children Love the Monster Mutt

The kiddies need some family-friendly horror to sink their teeth into. Think of it as training wheels for future horror fans. That's where movies like Monster Mutt come in. The family friendly comedy follows the exploits of the family dog, Max, as an evil corporation tests their new energy drink on the lovable mutt. Max undergoes a monstrous transformation as the family tries to hold on to their beloved pet.