Todd Lincoln

Chilling First Trailer and One-Sheet: The Apparition

Well now. This was worth the wait. Warner Bros. has unleashed the very first trailer for Todd Lincoln's new fear flick The Apparition, and being the paranormal junkies that we are, we completely approve. Check it out along with the first artwork!

Ashley Greene Still Looks Frightened in Second Still from The Apparition

Thanks to a fan on Tumblr we now have a very good look at the second still from The Apparition which was featured in part by MTV. Check it out and wonder how long she can keep that same look on her face.

The Apparition Will Materialize Next August

Finally after months of waiting we have a release date for Dark Castle's next ghostly cinematic gathering for Warner Brotheres, The Apparition. Get out your calendars, kids! Time to scratch off another date!

The Nye Incidents Finds a Writer

It's been a couple of months since last we spoke about the live action film adaptation of The Nye Incidents, but a writer has finally been tapped, and we have all the details you need right here! Dig it!

RKO Investigates The Nye Incidents

It's been over two years since there was anything to report in regard to a live action adaptation of the Devil's Due graphic novel The Nye Incidents. When last we checked in, Dark Castle was in the mix along with director Todd Lincoln. Now a few things have changed.

Joe Hill Ready to Start Twittering from the Circus of the Dead on the Big Screen

The son of horror legend Stephen King, Joe Hill, is on the fast track to Hollywood gold as yet another of his stories have been picked up for adaptation. One that brings technology together with the living dead!

The Apparition to Materialize in 2012

Looks like we're going to be waiting a bit longer than first anticipated for Dark Castle's next ghostly cinematic gathering for Warner Bros.

Sebastian Stan Sheds Some Light on The Apparition

Sebastian Stan might not be a household name, but as a result of his being cast as Bucky in the new Captain America, that's about to change. And lest anyone forget, a few months after the Captain's July, 2011, release date, he's headlining a horror flick entitled The Apparition, which he calls "a mixture of The Strangers and Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist."

Harry Potter's Tom Felton Talks The Apparition

One flick we're hoping stands a ghost of a chance at the box office next year is Todd Lincoln's The Apparition. Though we revealed the first two images from the film last week, information has been pretty scant thus far. However, that changed a bit today.

First Images: Dark Castle's The Apparition

We just got our hands on the first hi-res stills from Todd Lincoln's new spooker for Dark Castle, The Apparition, and being that we're approaching the time of year where giving is the in thing to do, we figured we'd share!

First Look at Ashley Greene on the Set of The Apparition

Todd Lincoln's new spooker for Dark Castle, The Apparition, is now filming in Palmdale, CA, and the very first paparazzi on-set pictures of star Ashley Greene have found their way online.

Twilight's Ashley Greene Talks The Apparition

Fresh off of her success in the Twilight franchise, Ashley Green offered fans an update on what to expect when her latest film, Todd Lincoln's The Apparition, finally begins haunting theatres.

Harry Potter Star Tom Felton to Wave His Wand at The Apparition

Finally one of the stars of one of the most successful book and film franchises in recent history is going to be allowed to deal with a different type of supernatural force!

Julianna Guill Sees Lincoln's Apparition

The remake of Friday the 13th's main bit of eye candy, Julianna Guill, has just landed herself a new gig. Instead of tangoing with hockey masked killers, she's gonna be dealing with a completely different type of big bad!

Two More Join The Apparition

Two more faces have joined on to be a part of Dark Castle's upcoming spooker The Apparition, and we've got the skinny on whom those faces belong to. See that? Your day is now complete!