Toby Wilkins

Director Toby Wilkins Crackles with Chosen

One of our favorite directors, Toby Wilkins (Splinter, "Teen Wolf"), has directed the entire third season of the truly kick-ass Crackle original series "Chosen," and we'd figured we'd be remiss if we didn't give you guys a heads-up!

AFM 2012: XLrator Media Acquires US Rights to Horror Comedy Inbred; Amber Heard to Star in Toby Wilkins' Dead Sand Creature Feature

Since these appear to be the last two stories from Day 3 of AFM, we're combining them into one. We have US distro news on Alex Chandon's Inbred and word of a new creature feature from Toby Wilkins.

Fourth Wall Studios' New Interactive Horror Short 6:14 Stars Ethan Embry and Michael Ironside

If a film is being featured on Rides.tv, you know two things…it's going to kick ass and you're going to be involved in it somehow. The Dark Wall film series, presented by Emmy Award-winning Fourth Wall Studios, featured at Rides.tv has released their newest nightmare, 6:14.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Teen Wolf End of Season First Look Trailer

The 2011 San Diego Comic-Con is winding down, but news bites continue. Next up we have the End of Season First Look trailer for the final four Season One episodes of MTV's popular "Teen Wolf".

MTV Renews Teen Wolf for Another Season

Yes, I admit to being a fan of MTV's "Teen Wolf" series, especially since the pace of the show has picked up in recent weeks. So the news that the network has renewed it for another season is welcome in my house. And honestly, what else is there to watch on Mondays nights anyway?

MTV and AT&T Launch Teen Wolf Companion Web Series Search for a Cure

One of the biggest surprises of the summer for us so far is that MTV's new "Teen Wolf" has turned out to be quite watchable and actually pretty enjoyable. Those of you who agree will want to check out "Search for a Cure", a six-episode companion web series recently launched by the network starring Tyler Posey and his real-life father, John.

Toby Wilkins Talks MTV’s Teen Wolf Series

Director Toby Wilkins may be best known to genre fans as the mastermind behind movies including Splinter and The Grudge 3, but he recently took his career in a new direction and helmed a trio of episodes of MTV’s newest genre show, “Teen Wolf”, and the first of his three episodes kicks off tonight.

Executive Producer Jeff Davis Talks New Teen Wolf Series

When it comes to creating compelling, engaging television dramas, writer and producer Jeff Davis is a force to be reckoned with. After all, he created the highly successful “Criminal Minds” series back in 2005, and now he’s back at work on the upcoming television adaptation of the 1985 comedy classic Teen Wolf for MTV Networks.

Dig on the First Eight Minutes of Teen Wolf

Curious about MTV's "Teen Wolf" and can't wait to sink your teeth into the June 5th premiere? Well we have one hell of a fix to tide you over in the form of the show's opening minutes. Dig it! Still not satisfied? You can check out our "Teen Wolf" Episode 1 review here!

Teen Wolf Sneak Peek and Bonus Clips - Meet the Cast and Go Behind the Scenes

Its June 5th debut is just a few days away, which means MTV is pulling out all the stops to promote its new series "Teen Wolf". Here are a slew of new videos that introduce the cast, go behind the scenes (including a look at the transformation), and offer a crash course in Werewolfology 101. Synopsis:

New Teen Wolf Spot Bares its Fangs

We're hoping to the hairy fanged gods above (or would they be below?) that MTV's "Teen Wolf" series delivers something a bit more visceral than the usual made-for-teen fare. We've been surprised before so we remain optimistic. Have to admit, the trailers thus far have all been pretty good. Let us pray!

A Teen Wolf Banner to Get the Ladies Howling

What's teenage, looks pensive, has a furrowed brow AND bushy eyebrows? The new banner for MTV's upcoming "Teen Wolf" redux that's bound to have those with vaginas swooning in delight. MTV's "Teen Wolf" redux debuts Sunday night, June 5th, following the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. Check out the new teaser below courtesy of E! Online. Synopsis:

New Teen Wolf Clip is Horny Like the Wolf

Ah the joys of being a teen. School is your main problem. It doesn't matter what you eat. Your whole life is in front of you and no matter what you just can't stop humping. Humping the air. Humping your bed. Humping your hand. Life used to be so simple.

New Teen Wolf Trailer Will Have Twilight Fans Swooning

Well now. Here's a new teaser definitely geared to the shrill tweener crowd who get all screamy at the sight of a pensive shirtless manchild! Massive manscaped eyebrows? Check! Furrowed brow? Check! Glistening sweat? Check! Sigh.

MTV Finally Unveils Its Teen Wolf Trailer

The wait is finally over. MTV has released the full trailer for its "Teen Wolf" redux, which debuts Sunday night, June 5th, following the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. We know it's tough, but try to contain yourselves. Synopsis: Scott (Tyler Posey) was just a regular guy until one bite changed his life forever.