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Tons of News on Kurtzman's Bump!

This has really been the week for news on Bump, the Fangoria Graphix comic that will be headed to feature film land soon courtesy of The Rage director Robert Kurtzman.

Saw V (2008)

Reviewed by David Rosiak Starring Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor, Scott Patterson, Betsey Russell Directed by David Hackl

Exclusive: Saw V - "Missing Piece" TV Spot!

Excited for the October 24th release of Saw V? I'm sure you are, but here's a bit more incentive for you ... something you won't see anywhere else -- the Saw V "Missing Piece" TV Spot!

Saw V's Pit & the Pendulum Clip Now Online!

Remember the Saw V clip we described during this year's Comic-Con? It is now available for all to see, if you're old enough.

New Look at Megan Good in Saw V

So we’re in that annual time when anything and everything relating to the next Saw film, in this case Saw V, we have to do a news story on because you guys just can’t get enough of it. I guess I don’t blame you; the last movie was pretty damn good so there’s a chance this one will be as well!

Saw V Quad

We’d be remiss to forget our horror-loving brothers across the pond, who I’m sure are just as eagerly looking forward to seeing more of Jigsaw’s antics in Saw V as we are. The sequel opens on October 24th in UK cinemas, and to give Dread some international flavor, I thought we’d share the UK quad poster with you guys today.

Boastful New Saw Poster

We received the final poster art for David Hackl's Saw V, and it boasts that we'll "never believe how it ends." But ... isn't there already a sixth Saw film in the works? Do they mean how this trap ends or how this chapter ends? The fourth sequel in the Saw franchise follows the path of destruction the new Jigsaw creates as he attempts to keep his identity a secret. Torture, flashbacks, and hopefully more pig masks await us in theatres on October 24th.

Saw Trap and Model Pics!

Unlike previous Saw films, the fifth entry in the franchise has some of us genre fans genuinely interested. Why? Well, we have someone else in Jigsaw's shoes, with an entirely new motive, and a new director has our hopes set higher than the previous flicks.

Saw V Teaser Online!

At some point over the last couple of days, the first teaser for Saw V finally showed up online, not in some crappy taped-at-Comic-Con YouTube format, but rather right here on Dread Central!

SDCC 08: Saw V Clip & Trap Description

A Saw V clip is spinning right now at Comic-Con, and we've got the description of it right here! First, Buz chimed in saying the trap shown in the fourth Saw sequel's teaser was a "glass box thing stuck on a dude's head." OK, that as descriptive as we're going to get, I guess, but Buz sure made me laugh with that text message. Anyway, on to the clip...

New Pics From Saw V Set!

Saw V ... who knew we'd actually see so many sequels to a small and twisted horror film that surfaced back in 2004? In the sequels that followed, we've seen a real split between horror fans who like and dislike the franchise. Will the fourth sequel bring them together in happy harmony?

Saw V Teasing!

Lionsgate has done it again ... created an incredibly effective, incredibly creepy and incredibly badass teaser poster for Saw V. Damn them, I want to get sick of this series already, but they just keep sucking me back in!

Scream Factory Shows Off Bump Creature This Weekend!

We recently gave you the first word that the sickos behind The Scream Factory would be showing off their wares at this weekend’s Wizard World Chicago. Today we got word on just what one of those wares will be...

Flanery Gets Bumped, Too!

And the Bump madness rolls on ... When The Scream Factory announced their formation last week and to expect some great casting news this week, I really didn’t think it’d be every single day!

Ashley Laurence Gets Bumped

If you needed any further proof that Robert Kurtzman’s Bump is finally making the transition from comics to film, look no further than some fantastic casting news that The Scream Factory announced today: Ashley Laurence has joined the cast of Bump, working alongside genre