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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Black Maria Limited Edition Unveiled!

Last week we brought you the official artwork for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition. Today we are stoked to premiere your first look at the Black Maria Limited Edition. You're gonna squeal!

Bask in the Glory of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 40th Anniversary Blu-ray Artwork

I think we just peed a little. Yes. Yes, we did. On September 16th The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition will be hitting stores, both online and beyond, and we have a look at the stellar artwork for you cats. We saw. We peed. We liked.

Fantasia 2014: Second Wave Titles Include New Ju-On Film, Open Windows, Life After Beth, The Drownsman, Let Us Prey, At the Devil's Door, Creep; Tribute to Tobe Hooper

We're back with more titles heading to the 2014 Fantasia Film Festival as well as a few new images and word on a Lifetime Achievement Award for Tobe Hooper. Read on for all the details!

New Texas Chain Saw Massacre Trailer and Release Schedule Revealed

MPI/Dark Sky Films have just released a trailer for their June 20th theatrical release for the newly restored version of Tobe Hooper’s 1974 classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Check it out right here courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Drive Director Nicolas Winding Refn Hosts Screening of Restored Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn's film Drive, starring Ryan Gosling, made nearly $80 million at the box office. Recently we learned a really cool fact about him... Refn is a true lover of horror!

Theatrical Release Date Announced for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

MPI/Dark Sky Films has announced a June 20th theatrical release for the newly restored version of Tobe Hooper’s 1974 classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The re-release comes in celebration of the film’s 40th anniversary. A DVD and Blu-ray release will surely follow. Stay tuned!

Official Word and Look at The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Restored Edition!

Two Texas Chain Saw Massacre stories within two hours of one another? That, my friends, is the sign of a really friggin' good day! Read on for the official word and two stills from the film's restored version.

Tobe Hooper Talks 40th Anniversary Texas Chain Saw Massacre Re-Release; New Poster

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the original release of Tobe Hooper's Texas Chain Saw Massacre, which embarks on a theatrical re-release this summer after screening at the SXSW Film Festival. Want to learn more? Read on!

AFM 2013: Drink Up This Djinn Artwork

Next out of the AFM gate is some new artwork for Tobe Hooper's upcoming film Djinn. Can someone please buy this thing so we can all see it? It's been too long already!

Third Trailer For Tobe Hooper's Djinn Steps Out of the Sand

After a really long wait the third trailer for Tobe Hooper's next film, Djinn, has hit the interwebs. Does that mean domestic distribution and release info are close behind? We can only hope!

Space Vampires Crash-Land in the UK with Arrow Video's Blu-ray Release of Lifeforce

Last June Scream Factory gifted those of us in the States with a Collector's Edition Lifeforce Blu-ray, the film's hi-def debut. Many consider Scream Factory the US answer to UK label Arrow Video, and we're happy to report that Arrow has its own UK Blu-ray release planned!

Doctor Gash's Top 10 Greatest Horror Movies... EVER! #2 - The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The #2 Greatest Horror Movie... Ever! is The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. In fact, it's my personal favorite horror movie. If you and I were going to sit down together and check out a horror movie and you asked me to pick it, it'd be The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Connecticut Residents, Meet the New Leatherface, Dan Yeager, on Sunday, January 27

If you dug the new Texas Chainsaw 3D film, or even if you didn't and just like meeting horror celebrities, we've got some news for you. Dan Yeager, the man behind the newest reimagining of Leatherface, will be signing autographs this Sunday in Connecticut.

Lionsgate Will Be Keeping Texas Chainsaw Revving

Things are looking really good for Leatherface and the Sawyer clan! While we're waiting for the official box office tally to come in, news has hit the net that if this one is successful, the producers behind Texas Chainsaw 3D have acquired the rights to make up to 7 films, including this one!