Timo Rose

Unrated: The Movie - The Trailer

Gore mavens Timo Rose and Andreas Schnaas have yet another new horror flick laced with boobs, broads, and blood coming our way with a rather unusual title. Are you ready for Unrated: The Movie?

Game Over - Trailer

Director Timo Rose dropped us a line recently with the latest trailer for his upcoming indie splatterfest Game Over, and it's so depraved that we just had to share!

Indie Star Turns Indie Director for Expermiment 7

Joe Davison, star of 100 Tears (review), Fearmakers and more indie horrors, has just announced his debut as both writer and director. It’s called Experiment 7 and will feature a virtual who’s-who of the indie scene, including directorial pieces shot by two other well-known indie horror helmers.

Composer Chosen for Argento's Giallo

The wait is over, horror fans! The composer for Dario Argento’s next movie, Giallo, has finally been announced! You can rest easy tonight knowing that yes, Argento’s next film will have a score!

Behind the Scenes of Werewolf Flick Beast!

All right, a werewolf story! No one told me Timo Rose’s follow-up to Barricade was a freakin’ werewolf story! It’s called Beast, and today a source close to its production sent us a look at the film’s poster and some behind-the-scenes shots from the set, which you can feast upon below!

New Barricade Trailer

A friend of the site just dropped us a line with the good news that a second teaser for his latest writing credit, Timo Rose’s Barricade, is now available for consumption over at the film’s MySpace page. I gotta say it sure as hell has a great look to it; hopefully the acting and the story can match the visuals.

Barricade Wraps, New Pics!

Today we received word that filming on Barricade will wrap today in Germany before it goes on to the long, insane phase of post-production.