Tim Phillipps

Chopper (Web Series)

Starring Tyler Mane, Andrew Bryniarski, Tim Phillipps, John Lewis, Victor Newmark Directed by J.C. Christofilis

CONTEST CLOSED! Exclusive Early Look at the Chopper Season One Finale and Chance to Win Some Free Swag

We've been talking about the web series Chopper for a while now, and to coincide with the final weekend of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival (one of the show's sponsors), we've been given an early look at the Season One finale (aka Slice 9) to share with our readers.

Chopper Rolling Again! Six New Episodes Forthcoming

After some exciting debut episodes which ran last Halloween, the creators of the online series Chopper began grinding out new chapters of the show this past Friday the 13th and plan on dropping six more segments between now and the end of the month.

Producer's Preview of The Secret Circle Episode 1.19 - Crystal

Another Producer's Preview has come our way for The CW's "The Secret Circle", and in preparation for the show's return tomorrow night with Episode 1.19, "Crystal", Exec Producer Andrew Miller explains the Circle's efforts to find the remaining crystals for their weapon against Eben.

Exclusive Images from Chopper; More Mayhem Coming Soon with New Contest and Final Episodes of Season 1

LA-based Dilemma entertainment and marketing agency is breathing new life into Season 1 of the online horror series Chopper this month with more episodes, more characters, more VFX and more music. And we have some exclusive stills of the upcoming mayhem to share!

A Clip from The Secret Circle Episode 1.18 - Sacrifice

From the looks of this new clip The CW provided from "The Secret Circle" Episode 1.18, "Sacrifice", the writers have finally remembered Melissa's character and found something for her to do. Check it out!

Previews of The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.18 (The Murder of One) and The Secret Circle Episode 1.18 (Sacrifice)

Last night two characters on "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Secret Circle" believed they had allies on their sides, but sadly, both Damon and Adam were duped. Damon, per usual, found Plan B; Adam not so much. What will next week hold?

Exec Producer Andrew Miller Introduces Another Preview of The Secret Circle Episode 1.16 - Lucky

Guilty pleasure "The Secret Circle" returns to The CW tomorrow night, March 15th, and to get you geared up for it, we have a video of executive producer Andrew Miller discussing the romantic tension and symbolism to be found in Episode 1.16, "Lucky".